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Posted: October 14, 2017

Slow Jamz 10/13/17: How to Choose the Best Preschool


To pick the best preschool for your child…

• LICENSE CHECK—only consider options that are licensed by the state 

regulatory agency for all center=based programs and family child care homes 

• THE BASICS—ask about hours, educational philosophy, curriculum, teacher 

credentials, guidance strategies 

• VISITOR POLICY—view the school calendar, and learn about family activities, 

and their visitor policy—do they have an open visitor policy for parents? 

• DAILY SCHEDULE—the program should follow the schedule of your child, 

eating schedule, napping schedule…so they aren’t stuck in a swing all 

day…for toddlers, a more structured day with a predictable schedule is best… 

• OUTDOOR TIME—how often do they take the children outside? 

• QUALITY CHECK—ask about any quality assessments or ratings compiled by 

the program. 

• TEACHER RATIOS—what are the teacher/student ratios? Lower ratios are 

another indicator of a high-quality program. 

• NO YELLING!—are teachers engaged with the kids? Do they kneel down to 

their levels versus talking down to them? Can you hear the sound of happy, 

busy children or do you hear yelling? 

• MOMMY GUY CHECK—parents GO WITH YOUR GUT—check how YOU feel 

when you’ve stepped inside the building… 

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