Helping Military Families in Need This Holiday Season

Since last year, economic hardships have only gotten worse for many families, and military veterans and their families are no exception to hard times. That’s why KISS 104.1, Montlick Injury Attorneys, and The Warrior Alliance have teamed up again to help 10 veteran families in need. You can help as well by purchasing an item(s) off of a family’s wish list or donating to The Warrior Alliance KISS Wish fund. All donations collected will be divided between families.

Thanks to Montlick Injury Attorneys, Six Flags Over Georgia, The Warrior Alliance, and Publix for making this all possible.

Meet the 2022 KISS Wish Families

The Logans Family

Shatalya Logans is an Army Veteran serving from 2014 to 2017. She is the mother of three children. During the COVID Pandemic, Shatalya lost her job resulting in her family being displaced from their home. Shatalya and her three children have since moved in with her sister until permanent housing can be secured. Shatalya is currently employed working as an Audio/Visual Tech. Due to her previous unemployment and housing challenges, Christmas will be hard to make happen without support.

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The Callaham Family:

My name is Shannon Callaham, I am an honorably discharged Air Force veteran, I recently relocated to Georgia June 1,2022 to separate myself and my children from an extensive domestic situation. I desire to provide my children a safe healthy living environment and that would never happen if i stayed in New Jersey. After 3 months of being homeless, staying hotels and with people I’ve met along the way we finally were able to move into our own home. We were blessed to be able to find permanent housing in a safe neighborhood. I am so inspired to move forward and be as successful as i can, i hope to one day share my story to help and encourage others who may be going through similar situations. Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider my family. I am thankful to be a part of the Warrior Alliance. The support and connections made through the guidance and referrals from Ashley my Navigator have truly helped me and my children through our hardship.

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The Earle Family:

My name is Pamella Earle and I am a veteran from the US Navy. This year has been incredibly difficult for my family. Temporary job loss, illness, and unexpected tragedy. First, I experienced temporary job loss that placed my family into a downward spiral. After getting back on my feet – my husband I both suffered medical emergencies and required medical treatment. By the grace of God, I recovered and was able to return to work. My husband however required around the clock care and my daughter stepped in to assist as I returned to work. Just as I thought that things had turned around – one day I couldn’t get in contact with my daughter. This was not like her to not communicate; she would at least give some excuse as to why she could not or why she was late, but she wouldn’t just not show. I was frantic and worried and called her nonstop - no answer. I finally went to sleep - exhausted and worried. I woke up at 3:13 notice I had a missed called for a government number in Conyers I thought this doesn’t seem like a prank and why is the government calling me at 3 AM in the morning.

To find out that they found my daughter’s body in her car stiff cold dead already in rigor mortis

I did not know how to feel I did not know what emotion to have here my husband in laying in the hospital paralyzed and my daughter is dead.

I couldn’t work, have not worked my home went into turmoil with no help from my family and the help of a few good friend the church and God I was able to lay her body to rest.

I was left with a paralyzed husband and 4 broken hearted boys (3 sons and my 1 yr. old grandson)

The bills were piling up and the credit cards were maxed. After reaching out to multiple organizations – I found the Warrior Alliance. My Navigator, Ashley listened to my story and went into response mode. She connected me to financial assistance for my utilities and resources for my grandson who suffers with developmental delay. Currently we are focused on healing emotionally and physically. It has been hard, and I don’t know when it’s going to get better. I’m mentally physically and emotionally broken. The only thing that has helped me feel better is me cooking. So, I started a TikTok and share my food I got the vision to let the Kitchen Heal me, so I call it Kitchen Healing. So that’s how I’ve been able to cope

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The Hart-Williams Family:

I am a US Navy Veteran. My hardship started with when I unexpectedly became sick and couldn’t walk or move and couldn’t do anything for myself. I ended up going to the doctor several doctors at that before I learned that I had cervical cancer. I ended up having to do 65 rounds of radiation and 10 rounds of chemotherapy. I definitely couldn’t eat, couldn’t walk in care for myself; everything started falling behind. Every time I tried to catch up, I fell behind. To make matters worse, my father fell ill and soon after passed away. I had to get to Florida and figure out all his arrangements. I think it’s gotten the best of me now with the bills. And that is what landed me in the situation where I’m now. I worked with the Warrior Alliance Team. They guided me and helped me a lot. They were my prayer warrior we needed it. They got me through those times because it was depressing for me.

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The Bostwick Family:

Jeremy served a 4-year tour of duty in the US Navy. He was stationed on the USS Enterprise as an Aviation Ordinance man from 1995 to 1999. He deployed on 2 separate 6-month cruises in the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf. Jeremy and I married for 13 years and have five beautiful children. One of which is a heart warrior (who has had two open heart surgeries). We have been blessed beyond measure in many ways. Our family has been struggling financially for the past year. My husband was working as a long-haul truck driver on the road for several weeks at a time, and it started to take its toll on his health and our family. He decided to find a job that would keep him closer to home. He found a job through a friend to drive for a local concrete company, but at his medical review he was diagnosed with sleep apnea and was denied a DOT medical card which you must have to drive a commercial truck. The people at the concrete company offered him a job in the dispatch department instead, at a substantially lower rate of pay. Now, after months of robbing Peter to pay Paul, liquidating our retirement account, and leveraging every ounce of borrowing power at our disposal, we have come up short and are facing eviction from our home. We reached out to the VA for any assistance they could provide, and we were referred to The Warrior Alliance. TWA has been a huge help to our family. From putting us in touch with the resources we needed and taking the time to listen to our story and pray with me for our family.

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The Grandados Family:

I served in US Army during the gulf war era. I am currently a single mom with a beautiful son named Daniel, who is three years old with autism w/genetic disorder and a Daughter who is 2 years Jazmin old also with Autism. I currently separate from their father and the cost to start all over again has taken a tow on me financially this year. I’m grateful for the help we will receive for Christmas this year, knowing my child will have gifts under the tree to open on Christmas day and see their beautiful smile. Currently going through losing my grandmother. Since I left the military, I have struggled with PTSD, depression, and some physical challenges.

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The Harris Family:

Angenita Harris a post-911 Army Veteran and mother of 2 children (one passed away in September and the other is a 9 y/o son). She is currently on bed rest due to her water breaking at 18 weeks with her third child. Harris has faced multiple challenges over the past year. She is a domestic violence survivor at the hands of her estranged husband. She gave birth to a daughter in August 2021 at 22 weeks gestation, and the child had several health issues. Harris cared for her at home full-time due to a lack of skilled nursing services available. Her daughter had a feeding tube, required oxygen, and had multiple medical specialty appointments to monitor her condition. Unfortunately, her daughter passed away in September 2022 at the age of 1. During the time that Harris cared for her, she was unable to work, and this led to financial hardship for her family, of which she is the only adult/provider for her children. She doesn’t have any family in GA.

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The Griffin Family:

My name is Marcus Griffin. I am a United States Veteran that was enlisted in the Navy. My occupation was a Boatwain’s Mate. My job included painting, docking and help navigating the U.S Constellation CV-64. I was station out of one of the prettiest cities in America. That is San Diego, Cali. I learned many other skills also such as Damage Control, Fire/fighting, as replenishing fuel for the Aircraft Carrier. That ship was decommissioned.

Once out of the Armed Forces, I felt alone and abandoned because, for the most part, it’s no positions or fields I could find work and also I became disabled while In the Navy. I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Luckily for me, the Department of Veteran Affairs did reward me with being 100%. Many people have departed from my life because they don’t understand me. However, God has blessed me with 2 beautiful daughters and 2 wonderful sons that I love deeply. Their names are Annyana, Gabrielle, Tyson and Nah’Gee Griffin. They are the apples of my eye. They all reside in Atlanta, Ga.

I love to compose poetry, music, and storytelling. I published a book in 2006 titled “Pain Speaks” Volume one. I look forward to publishing more books, but that has yet to happen. I also graduated from Colorado Technical University with a study in Business Administration.

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The White Family:

I’m a Navy veteran and was stationed on the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76). I’ve had a few struggles on my journey while transitioning into the civilian world since I’ve gotten out of the Navy. However, with help from the VA, receiving counseling, and other organizations, I’m on a great path of rehabilitation and recovery. I’m currently a Pre-Employment Specialist for Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation and my goal is to pay it forward and pass on my drills and knowledge.

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The Lee Family:

My name is Natasha Lee, and I am a US Navy Veteran. I am a divorced single mom of 5. The oldest girl 23, Twins girls 8, boys 16 and 13. This letter is to outline my financial hardship. I have the absolute responsibility of every aspect for my children’s care, health, education and wellbeing with absolutely NO help from the father. I am asking for assistance with their Christmas to try and make an already stressful time in our life a little less hectic. I recently had surgery, one of two that I was advised to have but I was out of work for a few weeks which made my income greatly reduced which in returned I have fallen behind in rent in a home my children & myself have resided in for the last 9 years only late (twice) with the rent in Oct & was not able to pay in return I have been served an eviction on the 27th without any warning from the rental company while I was returning from caring for my elderly mother who I also help with. My car broke down & I had to dish out more money to have it fixed in order to get myself & my children back & forth. I have applied for every rental assistance program the VA has recommended and still no help. It’d be greatly appreciated to have any & all assistance you can give to keep our faith up. in this world of sinking dreams.

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