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Posted: November 20, 2017

Woman leading prayer faints during Facebook Live; audience calls for help

Channel 2 Action News
Francine Sims-Gates


By Ellen Eldridge

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

An Atlanta woman might have died if she didn’t have an audience watching her when she fainted — while leading a prayer on Facebook Live.

Francine Sims-Gates and her family now credit the social media website for saving her life, Channel 2 Action News reported.

She was almost finished leading her daily prayer service when she suddenly felt ill.

“I don’t mean any harm, but right now I do need you to pray for me,” she told her audience.

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Then she passed out in her southwest Atlanta apartment bedroom, she told the news station. 

Her son, who is legally blind and has autism, couldn’t help Sims-Gates. 

But someone called the woman’s daughter, East Point Municipal Court Judge Rashida Oliver.

“Surely when this occurred the first thing I thought was thank God she was on Facebook,” Oliver told Channel 2.

Oliver asked a neighbor to call the leasing office because the apartment was part of a senior living facility, and an agent checked on Sims-Gates and called 911.

Doctors said Sims-Gates’ blood pressure was extremely high and she had blood clots that could have killed her, Channel 2 reported.

The video also helped doctors decide on a treatment plan for Sims-Gates.

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