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Video: Man surprises girlfriend with LEGO-themed proposal

Finding a unique and meaningful way to propose can be tough for some people, but Ben Anderson decided to go with LEGOs.

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Anderson and his girlfriend, Kirsten Dally, from the United Kingdom were at the movies on a date when a short film made with LEGOs began to play prior to the feature presentation, ABC News reported. In the video, Anderson is portrayed in LEGO form going through his relationship with Dally and ending with a marriage proposal.

To aid with creating the moment, Anderson employed filmmaker Morgan Spence, a 17-year-old who has been featured on television for his LEGO filmmaking skills.

"He had a big plan to propose to his girlfriend in the Electric Cinema in Birmingham," Spence told ABC News. "He wanted me to produce a LEGO animation describing how they met in a film style almost like Forrest Gump sitting on a park bench. It's a bit cheesy, but that just made me like it more."

During the film, Anderson said Dally elbowed him in the ribs and asked me what he had done.

"She was quite overwhelmed," he said.

Dally said, "Yes," and the two are considering placing LEGO figures on the top of their wedding cake, ABC News reported.

Read more at ABC News.

Watch: NFL player asks Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman on a date

Team USA gynmast Aly Raisman is single for now, but she may be off the market soon. 

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In a video, Oakland Raiders tight end Colton Underwood asks the Olympic gold medal winner if she wants to go on a double date with him and two other famous people: Raiders long snapper Andrew East and his wife, former gymnast and 2008 Summer Olympics gold medalist Shawn Johnson.

"Just wanted to congratulate you on all your success in the competitions and representing the USA over there," Underwood said. "I know I've been following along ... If you're ever in San Jose and want to go on a double date with me and Andrew and Shawn, let me know."

Raisman, 22, watched the video via Yahoo Sports and smiled, saying, "He's very cute," and that she would go on a date with him.

Would Team USA gymnast Aly Raisman date a player from The Oakland Raiders?Posted by Yahoo News on Monday, August 22, 2016

Raisman and the other Final Five members will be in San Jose on Sep. 18 for their champions tour, according to Sporting News.

Man, 18, and wife, 71, live blissfully despite 53-year age difference

The age difference may throw some off, but for one Tennessee couple, their love was an "instant connection."

Gary Hardwick, 18, and Almeda Hardwick, 71, of Sevierville, Tennessee, were married in 2015 and said there has been chemistry since they first met at the funeral of Almeda’s son in June of that year, the Knoxville News-Sentinel reported.

"I had prayed about my soul mate for like, two years, so, you know, I was lonely. I had no one, so God sent him to me,” Almeda said.

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"When I looked into her eyes I knew it. Her eyes were a dead giveaway,” Gary added.

The couple dated for three weeks before getting married in October 2015. Gary told the News-Sentinel that everyone has been supportive of the relationship so far even if the marriage threw them off a little.

"Everybody was happy for us really," he said. "Like the day after the wedding, I posted the wedding pictures on Facebook, and obviously (they were) shocked that we got married because nobody even knew we were dating or anything until I posted the wedding photos. They were like, 'Whoa.' But, I mean, they were happy for us.”

Gary added that he has always been attracted to older women, and had been in a "troubled relationship" with a 77-year-old woman when he met Almeda. "I've never dated anyone my age. Even in school, I was never interested ... I don't know why. It's just my attraction, my preference I guess," he told the News-Sentinel.

The couple said they share similar interest including traveling, watching movies, cooking and singing with Gary showing Almeda rap music and her returning the favor with hits from the 1950s. They now live together with two of Almeda’s grandchildren -- ages 17 and 22 -- and share their life on a YouTube channel titled "Gary and Almeda Hardwick."

"He's good looking, handsome and he takes pride in himself too," she told the News-Sentinel. "I couldn't ask for a better husband. He's the best."

Read more at the Knoxville News-Sentinel.

Posted by Gary Hardwick on Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Woman, 19-year-old son fall in love, fight for relationship amid legal charges

Monica Mares and Caleb Peterson could face up to 18 months in jail if found guilty of incest at a trial later this year in New Mexico, according to the Daily Mail.

But the 36-year-old woman and her 19-year-old son say they are in love, and they are willing to do anything to fight for their relationship.

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"He is the love of my life, and I don't want to lose him," Mares told the Daily Mail. "My kids love him, my whole family does. Nothing can come between us not courts or jail. Nothing."

Mares, who has eight other children, said she would be willing to give up the right to see her other children in order to be with Peterson.

"Whatever it takes to be together," she said.

Mares gave birth to Peterson when she was 16 years old. She named him Carlos and gave him up for adoption. He was later renamed by his adoptive parents.

The mother and son met again last year when Peterson was 18, according to the Daily Mail. They got in touch on Facebook, and agreed to meet.

Mares picked Peterson up from his adoptive father's house in Texas on Christmas Day and brought him to her home.

Mares said their relationship started out as a familial one.

"I met him outside, and I knew it was him when he came towards me," she said. "He was crying, and he gave me a hug. It was almost love at first sight, but first it was mother love. He gave me a mother hug. He came home in the truck and came to live with me, and we were both happy as mother and son."

Then, she said she started getting "crazy" feelings. 

"It felt like I met somebody new in my life, and I fell in love with him," Mares said. "At first I told him, 'I'm sorry. I don't know how you are going to react to this. I'm your mom, and you're my son, but I'm falling in love with you.' And he said, 'You know what, I am too. I was scared to let you know.' He was falling in love with his mom, and I was falling in love with my son. We talked about it, and we took off to the park. I said, 'Would you ever date your mom?' And he said, 'Would you ever date your son?' And I said, 'Honest truth -- yes, I would.'"

"I never had anyone cook me meals or give me anything," Peterson said. "I never got anything my entire life, and she went out of her way to make me happy, and after about a week or so, I started having feelings for her, and I guess I fell in love. It went beyond a mother-son relationship. I never really viewed her as my mom. In certain aspects I do, but mostly, I don't. I never thought I was crazy for having these feelings because I didn't see her as my mom. It was more like going to a club and meeting a random person. It didn't feel wrong. It felt normal."

The couple maintained their secret relationship until police found out in February.

They were charged with incest. 

Mares and Peterson were released on $5,000 bond, and Mares, whose youngest children had started to call Peterson "Dad,"  is not allowed to see any of her children, according to the Daily Mail. 

Mares and Peterson are not allowed to see each other. 

"It is every bit worth it," Mares said. "If they lock me up for love, then they lock me up. There is no way anybody could pull us apart, and I really do love him. It hurts (that) he is far away. It hurts really bad. I wish I could see him, talk to him, but I can't risk it."

Mares and Peterson hope to raise awareness of "genetic sexual attraction," relationships in which sexual attraction manifests between close relatives who meet for the first time as adults.

Read more at the Daily Mail.

'We ended up kissing and kissing led to other things'Posted by Daily Mail on Monday, August 8, 2016

John McCain's son responds to OId Navy ad with interracial family: 'Eat it'

Old Navy received lots of feedback after posting a promotional message on the company's Twitter account, adding a photo that featured a family sporting the retailer's clothing.

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The family in the photo showed three people interacting: a black woman, a white man and a black child.

But the company's effort to encourage diversity was met with lots of criticism, with some people saying the ad is "absolutely disgusting" and reflects "the genocide of the white race."

Despite some customers saying they'd boycott the store, Old Navy officials released a statement saying "We are a brand with a proud history of championing diversity and inclusion. At Old Navy, everyone is welcome."

Many Twitter users responded to the negativity with messages in support of Old Navy's action. Some even posted photos of themselves with their significant others, most of which displayed happy interracial couples.

The male model who appeared in the photo, Clay Pollioni, posted a message on Instagram saying, "I'm extremely proud to have taken part in a campaign that not only celebrates our nation's diversity, but also unites families with multicultural backgrounds and promotes love of all kinds.

I'm extremely proud to have taken part in a campaign that not only celebrates our nation's diversity, but also unites families with multicultural backgrounds and promotes love of all kinds! #LoveWins Thank you @oldnavy A photo posted by Clay Pollioni  (@clay_pollioni) on May 2, 2016 at 11:26am PDT <script async defer src="//"></script>

The woman that appeared in the promotional photo, Grace Mahary, also spoke out in support of the retailer. 

In light of the controversy revolving around my pretend family... I am proud to be representing interracial love, multiculturalism, and most importantly, a mentality that supports opportunity for all ethnicities. Thanks @oldnavy  #lovewins #hatefreezone A photo posted by Grace Mahary (@gracemahary) on May 1, 2016 at 3:28pm PDT <script async defer src="//"></script>

Another person who denounced the negative feedback Old Navy received is Jack McCain, son of former presidential candidate Sen. John McCain.

Jack McCain, a Navy lieutenant and helicopter pilot, is married to Air Force Reserve Capt. Renee Swift, a black woman.

He posted a message on Twitter to "the people upset about the (Old Navy) 'scandal,'" calling those people "ignorant racists" and telling them to "eat it."

His wife also posted messages on Twitter.

You can now have a fairy tale wedding by Cinderella's Castle at Disney's Magic Kingdom

Dreaming of a fairy tale wedding? 

A new offering at Disney World's Magic Kingdom can give you just that.

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Disney recently announced that happy couples can become newlyweds in a magical wedding at Disney's Fantasyland at the park's East Plaza Garden.

Brides can ride in Cinderella's horse-drawn carriage accompanied by royal coachmen as trumpeters announce her arrival at the wedding site, right in front of Cinderella's Castle. The park will remain open to regular guests during ceremonies. 

For their receptions, couples can choose among a variety of locations on the resort's property.

"Brides will be able to live out a fairy tale dream like no other," said Korri McFann, marketing and sales strategy for weddings and honeymoons at Disney. 

Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings package collections start at $2,500, and custom experiences begin at $12,000. A completely customized ceremony and reception for up to 100 guests at the Magic Kingdom starts at $75,000. 

See more here.

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Your hometown might be why you’re still single

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A new study by Harvard University, and crunched by the New York Time’s Upshot blog, says it’s your hometown – not your income, your looks or other factors – that might be the determining factor for whether you’ll be married by age 26.

And if you think the South is the region that drives more adults into marriage, you’d be wrong about that.

Researchers determined that growing up in the rural Midwest – especially the Mormon areas of Utah – makes you about 10 percentage points more likely to get married than the rest of the country.

Perhaps not surprisingly, people who spent their childhoods in blue states and bigger cities tended to marry less.

In the list of the Top 30 counties in the U.S. with rates of marriage that are lowest, seven New York counties appear. In other words, adults who moved as children to a county in New York had a lower rate of marriage than most of the rest of the country.

Researchers refer to this as the New York Effect.

The study examined housing and tax data of 5 million people who moved as children in the 1980s and 1990s.

In the study, the children who were less likely to be married at 26 also appear less likely to be married at 30 and less likely to be married at any point.

Here are the Top-10 counties that are least likely to inspire you to get married:

1. Washington DC

2. Bronx County, New York

3. New York County (Manhattan)

4. Nassau County, New York

5. Orleans Parrish, Louisiana

6. Marin County, Calif.

7. Suffolk County, New York

8. Camden County, New Jersey

9. Essex County, New Jersey

10. San Francisco, Calif.

Could your genes be the reason you're single?

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Are you one of those people who's always in a relationship?

Or maybe you're perpetually single?

Well, your status might have something to do with your genes, according to a new study out of China.

Researchers in Beijing discovered the gene 5-HTA1. Carriers are reportedly 20 percent more likely to be single.

According to the Daily Mirror: "5-HTA1 is thought to lower serotonin levels, a feel-good chemical, which causes people to feel uncomfortable in close relationships."

Carriers are also generally more neurotic and have a higher rate of depression.

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And researchers found those attributes are "detrimental to the formation, quality and stability of relationships."

But some experts questioned the reliability of the research — this was from a relatively small sample size of 600 people, and all of them students.

One relationship expert told the Daily Mail: "If someone's difficulties with dating are flagged up to them, I believe they can learn to interact in a way that will make them more successful in meeting somebody."

Still, when Grandma asks you again this Thanksgiving why you're still not married, you can tell her she's at least a teeny bit responsible.

This video includes images from Know Your Meme and Tom Woodward / CC BY NC 2.0

Atlanta's most adulterous neighborhoods revealed

Atlanta, GA (May 2, 2014) Atlanta residents have been engaging in extra-marital affairs in record numbers, according to new data from The dating site designed for people who are already in relationships has decided to reveal the least faithful neighborhoods in A-Town, based on the 85,833 cheaters who live in the metropolitan area. According to membership per capita, the most affair seekers live in Cascade Heights, with Decatur, and Buckhead rounding out the top three zip codes. Below please find the complete list of the ATL's Ten Most Popular Neighborhoods for Cheaters:

  1. Cascade Heights 9.3%
  2. Decatur 9.1% 
  3. Buckhead 8.9% 
  4. Ormewood Park 8.8% 
  5. Snellville 8.4% 
  6. Duluth 8.2%
  7. Druid Hills 7.7% 
  8. Sandy Springs 7.6% 
  9. Marietta 7.3%

10.  Alpharetta 6.9%

Here's some additional data the naughty dating site dug up in their research of the '404':

* Duluth's members have the most affair partners 

* Marietta's members have the highest number of children

* 46% of Atlanta's philanderers are female (average age 36)


According to Founder & CEO Noel Biderman, affluence is a common element found on most city’s top ten lists. "The proclivity to cheat often goes hand in hand with opportunity. Those with discretionary income and freedom to travel are even more likely to stray.” With 25 million members in 35 countries, AshleyMadison has become the 2nd largest paid dating site in the world bringing in $120 million in revenue in 2013.

New Restaurants in the ATL February 2014

New and exciting openings from the Atlanta restaurant scene!  Dig in and see why these are some of the most buzz-worthy spots to open in recent memory!Stillhouse—While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the mainstream-ization of old Appalachia in the forms of bluegrass music and primitive southern cooking, I have to admit I didn’t see moonshine cracking the bourgeois code.  But sure enough, here is ole’ white lightning showing up (legally) in liquor stores and in respectable bars in respectable neighborhoods.  Stillhouse Craft Burgers & Moonshine, a recent opening in the East Andrews Entertainment dojo, puts this mystical elixir as its raison d’être both at the bar and in the kitchen.  Saddle up in the homey, saloon-like space featuring antique tin ceiling tiles and hi-tops resting on empty whiskey barrels, grab a rawhide-covered menu and get down to business!  Front and center in the extensive bar are the moonshine cocktails, some infused with flavors like watermelon mint brown sugar, roasted apple Vidalia onion jalapeño and even caramel Krispy Kreme.  Throw a twist into your hooch by having the barkeep burn some aged pecan, cherry or peach wood smoke into the glass, infusing it with some smoky goodness.  The menu revolves around gourmet bar/comfort food and behemoth burgers.  These things are a carnivore’s dream, stacked nearly a foot tall and “upside down” with the cheese and sauce baked into the inverted top bun.  14 burgers, all completely original and ridiculously decadent include grass-fed beef, duck confit, crab cakes, fried oysters, bacon and eggs and much more.  They range in price from $9-$12 and can easily feed two.  And absolutely put the Krispy Kreme bread pudding on your sweet-tooth bucket list.  It’s one of the best desserts in the city.  But whatever you do, don’t dismiss Stillhouse as a novelty just because it associates with such notorious cultural beverage; it’s the real deal.  Even Urban Spoon listed it as a top 100 new restaurant in the US last year.  www.stillhouseatl.comSt. Cecilia—Spoiler alert:  Ford Fry has done it again.  After back-to-back show stoppers with The Optimist and King + Duke, St. Cecilia (the patron saint of music in case you were wondering) completes the stunning trifecta in less than 18 months.  In restaurant terms that’s a Usain Bolt-fast clip to churn out three of the most unique, stylish and groundbreaking restaurants that the city has ever seen.  Taking over the former Bluepointe space across from Phipps, Fry’s team stripped down what had previously been a dramatic room and now lets the drama of the architecture speak for itself.  50-foot ceilings  tower over the space but now instead of the luxe fabrics, rich colors and fancy lighting, the new space has gone organic with simple walnut floors, walls of books, bric-a-brac and taxidermy and a muted, soft earth-tone palate.  The result is a soothing, bright milieu that creates a perfect accompaniment to the cuisine—northern Italian with a focus on the Ligurian coast.  Picture yourself at a table in Santa Margherita (OK, the view is of Phipps but work with me here) and sit back while fresh crudos like cobia tartare, hamachi and chilled oysters; antipasti like fried salt cod beignets and hearth-roasted octopus; melt-in-you-mouth pastas like the pansotti stuffed with roasted beet and the ravioli with apple and mascarpone and Maine Lobster; and mains like triggerfish with wood-roasted calamari and the Block Island Swordfish arrive at your table. Benissimo!  Indeed, St. Cecilia’s continues to push Fry’s high bar even higher—make room on the trophy shelf for more awards and gushing from national press.  And with 3 more concepts in the pipeline looking to open in 2014/15, one simply has to marvel at Fry’s team’s seemingly endless well of ideas, talent and design. Ink and Elm—Sexy.  Creative.  Delicious.  Adjectives which, aside from some winsome co-eds, were never uttered to describe anything within walking distance of the Emory campus.  Until now.  Ink and Elm, a name that pays homage to landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead (builder of both NYC’s Central Park and ATL’s own Druid Hills), eschews the pizza/burrito/noodle fare associated with the Emory village and now offers some of the most elegant comfort-food dining and sexiest build outs in the city.  Local restaurant architects ai3 have nailed it again with a space that is warm (dark woods), relaxed (transitional furniture) and infectiously stylish (floor to celling up-lit curtains).  A wall of brown liquor—over 100 different types of scotch, bourbons and ryes—located next to a burning fireplace and a lounge of leather and brass rivet  chairs frames up one of the most intriguing bar set-ups in town.  On the food side Marietta’s own Stephen Sharp mans the kitchen and sends out a menu of approachably-sophisticated, locally-sourced, seasonally-inspired southern grub.  OK, OK I know this is now a jumble of annoying hyphenated restaurant cliches but Sharp executes with so much confidence and measured risk that the result is anything but cliched.  With the pork loin, he tops it with a crunchy seeded mustard, a sweet Vidalia onion gravy and Georgia apples.  Very southern and by its ingredients but the combinations of crunchy and soft, salty and savory, sweetness and acidity was unlike anything I’ve had with that dish before; a true revelation.  The NC Flounder on the other hand is prepared anything but traditional:  with matsuake (a Japanese pine mushroom), pac choi (Chinese cabbage) and a dashi broth (a Japanese kelp soup stock).  And the “brick-cooked” chicken made with local muscadines and collards (again, local and essentially traditional) elicited a “best chicken dish ever” from my dining buddy.  I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention their skilled selection and shucking of cold water oysters as well as a gorgeous weekend brunch starring fried chicken brined for 6 days before frying.  Yeah baby. www.inkandelmatlanta.comKimball House—Named for two historic hotels that served Atlanta in the early 1900s, Kimball House is a remarkable project that came together over 6 years led by 7 mixologists coming from two Decatur mainstay joints, Leon’s Full Service and the Brick House Pub.  Housed in the former Decatur Train Depot, a building built in 1891, it would be a home run just for the decor; a living museum of all things vintage.  Reclaimed materials accentuate an already fascinating structure including the towering bar which is made from the original floors of the train depot (that had previously been repurposed as tables by an earlier tenant), an antique belt-driven fan system, antique light fixtures and shelves of old books and 1000+ pieces of vintage glassware.  But besides the righteous digs, Kimball House perhaps has set the new standard for mixology in the city.  Like alchemists working with laboratory beakers, apothecary droppers and spray bottles to sprtiz aromas into the glasses, the army of mixologists are simply elixir gods. Drawing from a multitude of fresh ingredients, fist-sized perfect cubes of ice and a bottomless well of cocktail mastery, the drinks, served in vintage lowballs and stemware, are simply a delight to see, smell and taste. And if only the decor and the drinks were all-world, you’d forgive mediocre food…but it’s anything but.  Kimball House puts out an oyster selection and presentation that belongs in the bivalve hall of fame.  I ordered two dozen mixed east and west coast raw beauties, Fed Ex'd in fresh that day, presented on a manhole cover-sized platter, perched on perfect ice pellets like tiny one-carat glistening diamonds.  Glorious.  From there I enjoyed several of the most beautifully plated small dishes I’ve had in some time—the little neck clams and a tuna crudo with blood orange.  Then the house-made lemon herb sausage with farro was wonderfully complex but also extremely hearty.  And for dessert the Cake and Ice Cream, a small pineapple upside-down cake, pineapple ice cream with passionfruit and blood orange sorbets possessed deliriously explosive flavors.  Kimball House is something truly special.  Very indie.  Very local.  Very Decatur.  But remember—while open seven days a week there are no reservations so it’s first come, first served.  And they are serving many. www.kimball-house.comBetter Half - One of the most memorable meals I have had in years was at a table full of strangers in an exposed brick loft in an old factory that served as a set for the Hunger Games.  I am totally serious.  I am talking about the Push Start Kitchen, a former underground supper club founded by Zach and Cristina Meloy out of their own home in The Goat Farm in midtown west.  And as I predicted at the time couple of years ago, it would not be long before a proper brick-and-mortar kitchen would be necessary to showcase Zach’s cooking talents.  So after a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds, Better Half now serves dinner Tuesday-Saturday on 14th Street near Georgia Tech.  The couple met when Zach visited Cristina’s native Costa Rica and that Latin influence runs throughout each of the dishes. The roasted beet tart with horseradish and crispy pig ear comes plated beautifully and carefully mixes sweet and spicy.  The sopa negra (blackbean soup), thick, salty and delicious comes to life when the perfectly poached egg, upon piercing with a spoon, runs it’s gooey innards into the concoction for a savory addition to the salty soup.  For the main course I had the pork loin with parsnip mustard, roasted turnip and pickled apple.  It, too, looked beautiful and showed a range of flavors that Meloy has been crafting since his time at Push Start.  For dessert the cocoa sponge with smoked cajeta (a Mexican-style sweet syrup made from caramelized milk) and buttermilk ice cream demonstrated Meloy’s well-rounded talents as a pastry chef.  Better Half rocks as a sophisticated neighborhood destination.  It’s uncomplicated in a good way, with the food easy to enjoy but just challenging enough with the Latin accents to keep you on your toes.  At press time the liquor license was in progress but for the time being BYOB and just enjoy the food.

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