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Why Thrillist and everyone else loves Atlanta's lemon pepper wet wings

If you watched Season 1 of “Atlanta”, you might've noticed the scene where Paper Boi and Darius go to J.R. Crickets  (after finding newfound fame) score them a rare chicken wing flavor not generally available. That flavor? Lemon Pepper Wet.

"These got the sauce on them," the server whispers knowingly.

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In Atlanta, Lemon Pepper Wet has ascended quickly from just another flavor to something more definitive for the city and the entire state. There are, in addition to the Atlanta” scene, that started it all, a pretty respectable celebrity backing for the chicken wing flavor. Rapper Wacka Flocka Flame says the flavor to Atlanta is like the apple to New York in a First We Feast video. Even Thrillist named them the food that most defines us, listing the wings as Georgia’s best food and one of the top 15 food items to eat in America.

Sure, these are all anecdotal pieces of evidence in the case for Lemon Pepper Wet. But whatever, lets roll with it.

(Side note: Atlanta Season 2 premieres at 10 p.m. Thursday, March 1.

 Lemon Pepper Wet is available to you right now.

Here are our picks for where to get a taste of Atlanta’s signature lemon pepper wet wings:

J.R. Cricket's (multiple locations)

J.R. Cricket's added lemon pepper wet to the menu after the episode of Atlanta aired, or rather they re-branded "Fester" wings as Lemon Pepper Wet. In any case, they did this because despite the clip from television, the wings the scene was based on are actually from American Deli.

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Steven Glover, co-author of the scene in question, brother to Donald Glover and all-around Stone Mountain native told the AJC this:

"We just thought it would be funny to see somebody get hooked up at J.R. Crickets by getting that option that isn't even really available," Glover said of the scene via email. "That would be like the best of both worlds. The box glowing just helped sell the feeling of how magical that would be."

American Deli (multiple locations)

The real Lemon Pepper Wets in question are an American Deli thing. And the reason they are different is that they remain wet from clarified butter and not the addition of buffalo sauce. It's a matter of flavor profile. At J.R. Crickets, regular buffalo ensauced wings are given a shake or ten of lemon pepper dry seasoning. The tang of buffalo competes with the lemon pepper for taste bud attention. Not so at American Deli, where clarified butter wets the wings, and lets the lemon pepper shine.

LT's Wings

1160 Fairburn Road SW, Atlanta

(404) 349-0006

In an interview with First We Feast, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance-Bottoms gives her Lemon Pepper props to LT's Wings on Fairburn Road.

"In three hours and two minutes, I will be calling LT's Wings for my Friday order: 30 lemon pepper. This is what we eat every Friday, it's like Sunday dinner," Lance-Bottoms said.

A call to LT's confirmed they can make 'em Lemon Pepper Wet for you, too. They add buffalo sauce to make 'em wet.


777 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta

Dugan's opened its doors at Ponce De Leon Avenue all the way back in 1982 a a 40 seat restaurant in the Viriginia Highland, and was first known as Patrick Dugan's Tavern. They dropped the Patrick, kept the wing recipe and the rest is history. At Dugan's, the Lemon Pepper comes paired with Teriyaki sauce, which means you should add buffalo sauce to make them wet. Or clarified butter. All of this is still up for debate, Atlanta.

Your house

There are a great many other places to get Lemon Pepper wet, including at Magic City. But at the end of the day, this city still needs to decide whether it prefers Lemon Pepper Wet as a wing sauce with lemon pepper seasoning, or as a clarified butter wing with lemon pepper seasoning. It's a big choice, but Andrew Rea of Binging with Babish has taken just that wing recipe problem to task. Follow his steps and you can make them at home and decide for yourself. Or just throw up your hands and head to Magic City.

What you missed at the food truck park finale of Black Restaurant Week

The inaugural Atlanta Black Restaurant Week ended with a bang at the first black-owned Atlanta Food Truck Park on Sunday.

More than 1,000 attendees rolled through SoundBites: Atlanta Food Truck Park to eat up soulful and tasty fare served up by black chefs, restaurants and food trucks. The multi-cultural foods at the festival ranged from pop culture dishes like the Olivia Pope catfish baskets from Atlanta Seafood Company  to coffee-infused frozen treats from Mocha Pops.

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Warren Luckett, founder of Black Restaurant Week, said he decided to expand the week from Houston to Atlanta, because he feels like the city's demographics are a perfect fit.

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"When we found out that the Atlanta Food Truck Park was black-owned, we realized that it was a match made in heaven," Luckett said. "We were trying to highlight the culinary scene in Atlanta as much as possible."

The full-scale event was fun for the whole family with the offerings like bounce houses for kids,15 vendors from those with delectable cuisines to merchandise for the summer. 

Live music was in the backdrop for the foodies in attendance, courtesy of Grammy-award winning producer and songwriter Bryan- Michael Cox, Decoteau, Abe Hyde, Dibiase, Mike Nasty, Mix Master David and Ohso.

"It's just a celebration of our culture. We were looking to highlight the African diaspora. So, anyone from Africa to the Caribbean to all of black America," Luckett said. "And while we want to showcase them and highlight them, this event is really for everyone. It's an opportunity to open up our culture."

When Ashley Hanna-Holloway received an email about the event, she knew she had to stop by to taste some fried shrimp and ice cream. As a part of Black Restaurant Week, she previously tried curry goat at Mangos and Caribbean food at Spice House.

"I was actually looking for black-owned food trucks in general. So, I get to get a one stop shop," Hanna-Holloway said.

Tan Bowers, owner of the first black-owned Atlanta Food Truck Park, said she hopes for festival goers to feel the park's positive energy and creativity.

"I think it's great to be able to support cultural events. To have the first Atlanta Black Restaurant Week, and it's been an epic week of events. I think it is great for the city," Bowers said. "I hope that when people come they will be able to appreciate that this is Atlanta's one and only food truck park. It just so happens to be African-American-owned."

Since Lauren Williams' mom was in town, she decided to get out and enjoy the warm weather at the food truck park. Once Williams arrived, she grabbed food from Jerk Brothers and the Olivia Pope at Atlanta Seafood Company. To top off her day, she cooled off with 2 Scoops Ice Cream & Sweets' cookies & creme cheesecake ice cream.

"I think we are tapping out after this. This is the third thing to finish us off," Williams said.

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Bower's food truck park business partner Dexter Temple is looking forward to next year's event and expects for it to be "bigger and better."

"I hope that the festival continues to grow, to add on, continue to build relationships. When you are doing any type of festival, you are not just there to enjoy yourself. You are there to educate," Temple said.

Alcohol delivery service expands to new U.S. cities

It's like pizza delivery, just minus the pizza and add the alcohol. 

Beginning Thursday, Floridians in Jacksonville can have alcohol delivered right to their door steps.

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Drizly, a Boston-based company, is partnering with a packaging stores to expand the delivery service. 

Kerin Horgan, who handles public relations for Drizly, said the company decided to expand to Jacksonville because of the young demographic. 

"People are looking for, you know, the next service that can make their life that much more easier and convenient," Horgan said. 

The service allows customers to order alcohol from nearby liquor stores using either the app or desktop site.

Once the order is placed, the delivery comes from an employee of the store or someone contracted by the store. The delivery cost is a flat $5 fee. 

Parents needn't worry about their children or teenagers abusing the service. Upon delivery, the drivers will scan the customers' ID to verify they are 21.

Drizly is available in 28 cities, including Seattle, Tampa Bay, Orlando and Austin, Texas.

Family Food Fest Atlanta: Recipes

Monica Pearson spent a day dishing with chefs and a mixologist about the Family Food Fest Atlanta Father's Day (6/21) at the Georgia Aquarium.  Below are the recipes from her guests.  Click here for tickets and event info.Chef Idris Muhammad's She Crab Soup2 tablespoons unsalted butter1/2 cup leeks, the white part1/2 cup each of finely diced white onion, and diced celery1 tablespoons smoked paprika3/4 cup all purpose flour1 cup dry white wine6 cups canned crab broth or prepared seafood stock6 sprigs of thyme2 bay leaves1 teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce2 cups heavy cream3/4 cup dry sherry1 pound pasteurized jumbo lump crab meatKosher salt and ground white pepper to tasteAdd butter to sauce pan with onions, leeks, celery, and thyme. Cook until translucent, then add paprika and flour, until it covers onion mix. Whisk in seafood stock until all lumps of flour are gone. Cook for ten minutes, then add wine, sherry and Worcestershire Sauce and bay leaves. Add heavy cream and let it reduce by half. Then fold in jumbo lump crab meat and salt and pepper to taste.Mixologist Tiffanie Barriere' whipped up this summer cooler for you.The name is Superstition2 ounces tequila--blanco1 ounce cilantro syrup*1/2 lime juiceSodaMix all ingredients except the soda and shake cold with ice. Strain into a tall glass, top with soda and garnish with fresh cilantro.*Cilantro Syrup1 cup of sugar2 cups of water1 bunch of fresh cilantroBring all ingredients to a boil in a saucepan. Once it's boiling, remove from the heat and strain the liquid into a glass container for refrigeration. Cheers!Chef Ashley Keys shares her recipe for Sweet-and-sour chicken.1 bag 12oz frozen vegetable stir-fry1 tablespoon peanut oil or vegetable oil1 tablespoon ginger, minced1 tablespoon garlic, minced about 2-3 cloves1 tablespoon scallions (green onions), rinsed and minced2 tablespoons rice vinegar1 tablespoon Asian hot chili sauce2 tablespoons brown sugar1 tablespoon cornstarch1 cup low-sodium chicken broth12 ounces boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut into strips1 tablespoon lite soy sauceThaw frozen vegetables in the microwave or place entire bag in a bowl of hot water for about 10 minutes. Set aside.Heat oil in a large wok or saute' pan over medium heat. Add ginger, garlic and scallions and stir fry until cooked but not browned, about 2-3- minutes.Add the rice vinegar, chili sauce and brown sugar to the pan and bring to a simmerIn a bowl, mix the cornstarch with the chicken broth and add to the pan. Bring the mixture to a boil over high heat, stirring constantly. Lower the heat to a gentle simmer.Add chicken and stir continually for 5-8 minutes.Add vegetables and mix gently. Simmer with the lid on to reheat for about two minutes.Add soy sauce and mix gently. Serve.Here is a link to Chef Kevin Ashford's recipe for Idland Breeze Cheesecake.

Internet celebrates National Beer Day

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Happy National Beer Day!

Tuesday marks 82 years since the Cullen-Harrison Act, which legalized the sale of beer, went into effect on April 7, 1933.

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The "holiday" has not gone unnoticed on social media. Click here or scroll down to see what people are saying, and join the conversation with the hashtag #NationalBeerDay.

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American Craft Beer Week

The Brewers Association is happy to assemble American Craft Beer Week, the mother of all beer weeks, each May. This celebration, coordinated by the Craft Beer Program, is an exciting opportunity for craft brewers to commemorate their art and tradition with enthusiasts across the country.

The Atlanta area is no stranger to craft beer, with nearly 27 local breweries in the Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. You no longer have to seek out a large distribution liquor store or an imported beer menu to quench your thirst for a fine brew either, growler stores and brew pubs focusing on local offerings have been cropping recently up in the suburbs as well.

So it will be easy to celebrate American Craft Beer Week by supporting local businesses.

Here's some of the newest breweries in the Atlanta area - look for their offerings on tap at area restaurants and bars

  • Blue Tarp: Opened in December 2012 in Decatur, they offer 5 signature brews and are open for tours and tastings. Take a tour
  • Creature Comforts: The second brewery to open in Athens, Georgia began producing beer last month.
  • Eventide Brewing: Atlanta's newest brewery, Eventide prides themselves on simple beers done well.
  • Jekyll Brewing: Located in Alpharetta this brewery's name pays tribute to the location of the first brewery in Georgia originally opened in 1738.
  • Monkey Wrench Brewing:  According to their website, 2014 beer release schedule includes IPAs, belgians, stouts,  plus a couple other surprises.
  • Omaha Brewing: Coming Soon. Omaha, GA is located near the Georgia/Alabama border.
  • Orpheus Brewing:  Coming late Spring 2014 will be located near Piedmont Park and the Beltline.
  • Three Taverns:  This Decatur brewery has a penchant for Belgian-style brews and a new tap room open for tours.  Tour Info

More Atlanta Area Breweries to Tour:

Red Brick Brewering Company  - Atlanta's oldest brewery founded in 1993 as Atlanta Brewing Company, the now re-vamped brewery offers bold new flavors as well as their flagship Laughing Skull Amber Ale.  Tours: Wednesday - Sunday

Sweetwater Brewing Company - named after Sweetwater Creek which is a tributary to the Chattahoochee River, this brewery was founded in 1997 and has seen continued success. Tours: Wednesday - Sunday

Terrapin Beer Company - actually located in Athens, Georgia, was founded in 2002 by John Cochran and Brian Buckowski who named the brewery after his favorite Grateful Dead album Terrapin Station. Tours: Wednesday-Friday

Monday Night Brewing - located in West Atlanta, and according to their site,  the idea for Monday Night Brewing grew out of a small Atlanta Bible study. Tours Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Red Hare Brewing Company - located in Marietta, Georgia - this was the first brewery in Georgia to offer their selections in cans. Tours Thursday-Staurday

Jailhouse Brewing - located in Hampton, Ga Tours on Thursdays and Saturdays

Get a Growler right around the corner!

The Beer Growler has several stores located in the area - Alpharetta, Avondale Estates, Brookhaven, Jon's Creek Sandy Springs, and Suwanee.

The Stout Brothers - Smyra Beer Market 1265 West Spring St, Suite D;  Smyrna, GA    30080

Hop City's GrowlerTown is located in West Midtown Atlanta. Look for Growlertown To-Go at festivals around town.1000 Marietta St., Suite 302; Atlanta, GA 30318

14 items
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