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YouTube star slammed for her 'women's edit' of Childish Gambino's 'This Is America'

YouTube star and comedian Nicole Arbour has been heavily criticized after releasing her own version of Childish Gambino‘s powerful video for his song, “This Is America.

Arbor dubbed her version, the “Women’s Edit” and was promptly slammed for co-opting a work which examined the black experience in America, with many calling her video “a white women’s edit.”

“This is not a women’s edit,” wrote one social media user. “This is a WHITE womans edit. If you cannot see the difference, you’re a s–t feminist and a hack.”

“You truly didn’t understand ‘This Is America’ if your thought process was let me make a WHITE women’s edit version,” another Twitter user wrote to Arbour. “Please delete and apologize for this atrocity.”

Arbour, who disabled the video’s comments, has since issued “not an apology” but rather an explanation for the “purpose of [her] rendition.”

“I thought it best to respond to the misinterpretation of my video here to clarify openly,” she wrote. “The purpose of my rendition was to honor the spirit of the video which absolutely moved me, by adding my and many women’s life experiences and truths to the brave and brutal truths expressed in the original.”

Continued Arbour: “It was created with every intention of bringing a light to women’s experiences such as the shaming of mothers breast feeding, common place date rape drugging, the labels put on us of ‘prude or hoe,’ pressures to create a family, workplace harassment, the glass ceiling, drug dependency, effects of social media on modern relationships and self, and included a nod to the cheerleaders who have come forward demanding at least min wage from the multi million dollar corporations they work for.”

Arbour went on to say that the video “was a thought in cheek to give additional glory to what I believe is the most impactful piece of art in recent years.”

She added: “In retrospect, due to the sensitive nature of the original, I understand why some people are wrongly portraying this as white vs black. However, this was not the intent or theme at all. We had a very diverse cast and creative team working on project from start to finish, who signed on to honor the original while adding more truth from another perspective.”

“(Not an apology, but a clarification) #GOTEAM &#x1F44A;&#x1F3FB;?&#x1F918;&#x1F3FB;” Arbour captioned her explanation on Instagram Monday.

Actor Donald Glover, whose musical stage name is Childish Gambino, released his music video for “This Is America” after performing the song during “Saturday Night Live” on May 5.

The video has been hailed as one of greatest social commentaries in music’s recent history commenting on race relations, the black experience in America, police brutality, the monetization of the church and gun violence to name just a few.

At the beginning of the original video, Glover shoots a man in the back of the head — the gun is then handled with care as the body is dragged away.

“This is America. Don’t catch you slippin’ up,” he sings. “Don’t catch you slippin’ up. Look what I’m whippin’ up.”


Meanwhile, Arbour’s rendition starts off with a woman sitting in a chair breastfeeding as the YouTube star pulls out her cell phone and takes a picture of the woman. Later in the video, another woman is seen taking what appears to be pills as Arbour sings, “This is America. Smile for the camera. Come on girl, where’s your teeth? That pill will take care of ya.”

This isn’t the first time Arbour has faced backlash for one of her YouTube videos.

In September 2015, Arbour posted a “Dear Fat People” video on social media and YouTube in which she says that “fat-shaming is not a thing,” claiming obese people should be shamed into losing weight and compares people who are overweight to slow-moving zombies and Frankenstein’s monster.

Despite the major backlash it received, Arbour continued to defend her video, which has since been taken down from YouTube.

“That video was made to offend people, just the way I do with all my other videos,” Arbour said during an appearance on The View not too long after the video was shared. “It’s just satire, it’s just being silly. I’m just having a bit of fun, and that’s what we did.”

She continued: “That topic was actually voted in by fans, some of whom are fat. They’re like, ‘You can’t make fun of some people and not make fun of me too.’”

Spotlight Gold: Bobby Bland - “Members Only”

Youngblood spotlights Bobby “Blues” Bland’s 1985 hit “Members Only” on Spotlight Gold. Bobby Bland had over 30 R&B Top 20 singles since 1957. Including "I'll Take Care of You" (Number Two, 1959), "I Pity the Fool" (Number One, 1961), "Don't Cry No More" (Number One, 1961), "Turn on Your Love Light" (Number Two, 1961), and "That's the Way Love Is" (Number Three, 1963). (Via

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Spotlight Gold: The Staple Singers - “Respect Yourself”

The Staple Singers’ hit "Respect Yourself" was number 12 in the HOT 100 charts, and number two in the R&B charts. The Staples family signed to Stax in 1968. That’s when their 1972 album, Bealtitude: Respect Yourself,  became a crossover hit.  

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Why Donald Glover has been ignoring 'This Is America' critics

Donald Glover hasn’t really addressed his provocative new music video for “This Is America,” apart from a few words to “Entertainment Tonight”: “I just wanted to make, you know, a good song. Something people could play on Fourth of July.” As of right now at least, the performer, known as Childish Gambino, just can’t deal with the hot takes.

Glover appeared on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday to talk all things “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” in which he plays a young Lando Calrissian, but he also spoke briefly about how he’s been ignoring all the critics of “This Is America.”

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You’ve probably seen a few of these analyses online, or the Twitter thread from “Dear White People” creator Justin Simien dissecting the imagery, but apparently Glover hasn’t dived in. “Some friends have sent a couple, but to be real, I haven’t been on the internet since Thursday night before the ‘Saturday Night Live,’ ” said Glover, who hosted the NBC sketch comedy series this past weekend. “Yeah, just ’cause it’s like I don’t want to be in all the mix. It’s bad for me. I’m really sensitive, so I’m like I’ll just let it be.”

“I see one negative thing and I track that person down,” he joked. “I will go into their Instagram and be like, ‘You’re not so great! That baby isn’t even that cute!'”

But there’s little rest for Glover in this business. His mind now seems to be on “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” which is hitting theaters this May 25. He dished to Kimmel about the experience playing Lando, walking around with his “Star Wars” fan father on the film’s set, and chatting with original Lando actor Billy Dee Williams.

“I called my dad first and told him, and that was a big moment,” Glover said of when he first found out he got the job. “He was proud. And then I went and got a large cheese pizza and then went home and watched “Empire Strikes Back.” That was it. It was like research.”

Katy Perry sends Taylor Swift an 'actual olive branch' to end their feud

Has the "bad blood" between pop stars Katy Perry and Taylor Swift come to an end?

>> PHOTOS: Katy Perry gets angelic at the 2018 Met Gala

According to USA Today, Swift took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday to share a video of a letter and olive branch from Perry.

>> Katy Perry says she forgives Taylor Swift: 'I am ready to let it go'

"I just went to my dressing room and found this actual olive branch. This means so much to me," Swift reportedly said in the video, adding in a caption, "Thank you Katy."

"Hey old friend," the letter appeared to say. "I've been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and hurt feelings between us." The note also included the words "deeply sorry."

>> See the image here

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The singers' feud came to light three years ago with the release of Swift's "Bad Blood." Perry's 2017 song "Swish Swish" is believed to be about Swift, whose “Reputation” tour began Tuesday in Glendale, Arizona.

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2 Chainz proposes to Kesha Ward (again) on the Met Gala red carpet

Met Gala proposal.

Rapper 2 Chainz got down on one knee on the famous Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art stairs Monday to ask his longtime love Kesha Ward to marry him.

Ward, who has daughters Harmony and Heaven and son Halo with the 40-year-old hitmaker, was spotted wiping tears from her eyes as she looked shocked and excited.

“It’s crazy, he just gave me this! So happy! I love it,” she told reporters on the red carpet as seen during E!’s livestream.

2 Chainz previously proposed to Ward at the BET Awards in June 2013, but they never made it official. “They’ve been together so long and have three children together that he always refers to Kesha as his wife, but they’ve never actually tied the knot!” a source explains.

The couple previously attended Gucci Mane’s wedding to bride Keyshia Ka’oir in October 2017.

What a memorable way to mark his first Met Gala.

Jay-Z's mom surprised by positive response to song 'Smile'

Jay-Z may have 21 Grammy Awards to his credit, but now he and his mother share a special honor from GLAAD.

Gloria Carter was on hand to accept a special recognition award at the 29th annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York City on Saturday. She and Jay-Z were honored for “Smile,” a track off his “4:44” album that addressed her publicly coming out as gay.

“I didn’t realize how we touched so many lives,” she told People ahead of the ceremony. “I’m just glad that I can inspire people.”

Carter was presented with the award by another prominent gay woman, Robin Roberts “Good Morning America.”

“I accept it with pride and joy on behalf of my son and myself. Thanks to my family for loving me unconditionally, no matter what. Thanks to my partner, for loving me and helping me free myself from being in the shadows. Thanks to you, to all the people whose lives I touched, for your support, by just telling my truth,” Carter said.

“‘Smile’ became a reality because I shared with my son who I am. Not that people didn’t know; I was just someone they didn’t talk about but they loved me anyway. But for me, this was the first time that I spoke to anyone about who I really am. My son cried and said, ‘It must have been horrible to live that way for so long.'”

She added, “My life wasn’t horrible, I chose to protect my family from ignorance. I was happy but I was not free.”

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Carter went on to discuss the profound effect that finding love had on her. “One day, I met someone who made my heart sing, made me no longer want to sneak a peek at them but actually look at them with loving eyes. Love gave me the courage to take the power that I allowed other people to have over my life for fear of them revealing my secret that wasn’t really a secret,” Carter said.

“Here I am, I’m loving, I’m respectful, I’m productive, and I’m a human being who has a right to love who I love. So everybody, just smile, be free. Thank you, and God bless.”

Released last June, “Smile” made headlines as Jay-Z paid tribute to his mother, her struggle, and her strength: “Mama had four kids, but she’s a lesbian / Had to pretend so long that she’s a thespian / Had to hide in the closet, so she medicate / Society shame and the pain was too much to take.”

Carter closes out the song with a moving monologue of her own:

“Living in the shadow Can you imagine what kind of life it is to live? In the shadows, people see you as happy and free Because that’s what you want them to see Living two lives, happy, but not free You live in the shadows for fear of someone hurting your family or the person you love The world is changing and they say it’s time to be free But you live with the fear of just being me Living in the shadow feels like the safe place to be No harm for them, no harm for me But life is short, and it’s time to be free Love who you love, because life isn’t guaranteed Smile”

Jay-Z, 48, previously said he cried and “was so happy” that his mother was finally “free” to be herself. Watch Carter’s full acceptance speech above.

See Prince's private island estate, which will be sold at auction

Paisley Park has a sister property in paradise — and it’s coming up for sale

Prince’s estate is selling off the late singer’s private retreat in Turks & Caicos in a closed bid auction on July 12. While there’s no minimum bid for the property, which is set on 5 sandy acres on the island of Providenciales, the $100,000 check required of interested buyers for the opportunity to bid offers an idea of the price point.

Premiere Estates Auction Co. is overseeing the sale.

An FAQ about the auction, which will only accept written bids, suggests “all buyers do their own due diligence in regards to assessing value,” and notes, “your highest and best bid is the most effective method.”

Tours of the property are available to house shoppers, who can also do their own inspection of the place.

The compound itself is about 10,000 square feet and includes 6 bedrooms and 6 baths. It has two private beaches, a tennis court, and a 200-foot personal dock, but the standout feature pays homage to the music icon: a purple-painted driveway (see image above).

The compound features a stately main house as well as numerous other accommodations for guests.

Inside, the home is surprisingly subdued, sporting a style and materials typical of the Caribbean location, rather than the singer’s more recognizable, over-the-top style.

“The value is ultimately determined by the market — with a unique property like Prince’s Turks and Caicos estate,” says Premiere Estates founder Todd Wohl, “We anticipate significant interest and multiple bidders.”

200 items
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