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Please stop driving in the emergency lanes!

Re-post from the AJC Gridlock Guy column: we have a big problem on the Atlanta roads.

Two years later: Captain Herb's investments grow

How we remember Captain Herb Emory by being his growing investments.

Rush-hour traffic in Atlanta.

Perspective on death and hardship on the roads this Good Friday

How we can find hope and why this weekend is a good reminder.

Atlanta traffic: the unity ticket

Here is the one topic that makes strangers friends, that many can get behind.

The hell on I-75 in Marietta Wednesday

Why the I-75/sb RED ALERT could have been worse and what we did to spread the word.

MARTA Board Chairman Robbie Ashe on the "WSB Traffic Show" next to Kim McCarthy, December 14th, 2015.

WSB post-Traffic Show colossus part 2: MARTA edition

MARTA gets back with us to answer your questions about getting into Cobb and up GA-400.

The WSB Traffic Team talk Atlanta traffic with GDOT on Dec. 14, 2015 on News 95.5/AM750 WSB. Pictured: Doug Turnbull (front), (L-R) Smilin' Mark McKay, GDOT spokesperson Natalie Dale, Kim McCarthy, GDOT Commissioner Russell McMurry, and Ashley Frasca. 

WSB post-Traffic Show colossus part 1: GDOT edition

As promised, we have GDOT's answers to questions you sent for the "WSB Traffic Show."

This fuzzy image, taken of the flight deck monitor in the WSB Skycopter, shows the unnecessary right lane blockage I-75/sb at Hwy. 20/81 (exit 218) Thursday. 

Murphy's Law and mismanagement made I-75 a mess

Why a big rig wreck on I-75 took twice as long to clear as the I-285 plane crash.

Hands-free nowhere near risk-free

What a AAA study finds about hands-free devices and their use compared to other driving distractions.

Why the "most deadly" moniker on I-285 can be misleading

Why we need to take the "I-285-deadly" stats in context.

MARTA head Keith Parker bringing it credibility; How government is failing public safety comms

How MARTA CEO Keith Parker is turning it around and why a major public safety problem persists.

Ball dropped on recent Biden visit

How the Secret Service could have served Atlanta better on Biden's visit.

Atlanta's alternate commute options taking a hit

How recent efforts at mass transit in Atlanta have met setbacks.

Three tricky interstate construction zones

The long-term Atlanta construction zones that can be treacherous if driven wrong.

The Gr8 Exchange initiative in Gwinnett - rest of Atlanta take note

What the Gr8 Exchange is, why it's good, and why more areas should do the same.

The good, the great, and the ugly on Turkish traffic

How traffic and transit in Turkey shape up compared to Atlanta.

The united effort to ease the traffic pain from the tragic I-285 plane crash

The lengths many went to in preventing a huge traffic problem last Friday.

More traffic fatalities and why not Waze?

Behind the numbers on Georgia's deadly roads and the big con for the Waze app.

The grand ideas to try and fix the Downtown Connector

All the cards are on the table in a list of ideas to fix I-75/85.

Captain Herb Emory (above with Sandra Parrish) was at the ribbon cutting last April for the ramp that will soon bear his name. 

A year later - we thank you for helping us grieve Captain Herb

How you have kept Captain Herb's legacy alive and helped us this tough last year.

96 items
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