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Posted: 12:53 p.m. Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Let's Talk About Sex Baby....Women Who Lose The Desire For Sex! 


Sasha The Diva and Elain Wilco Sex Therapist photo
Elaine Wilco, Sex Therapist @ 770 650 8052

By Sasha The Diva

Okay ladies is this are lacking desire, don't touch me to you just don't want to have sex.  You are asking yourself what the hell is wrong with me?  Did you know this can be natual and it can be fixed?  Yes it can be fixed once you realize you have an issue.  Plus girls we know we love our men want to be close so we must commuicate our feelings.  I just love Elaine Wilco she is a Sex Therapist and she will tell you some things you can do to start making love again!  Plus if you need to chat with Elaine call her at 770 650 8052 or check out  Come on babies you can do this.....

 Sasha The Diva

About Sasha The Diva

Sasha The Diva can be heard on Atlanta's R&B Station KISS 104.1. Sasha The Diva, a New York City native, made the transition to Atlanta from Baltimore, Maryland.

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