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Posted: 10:17 a.m. Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Warrant: Cobb dad visited car at lunchtime; Burglar caught after checking Facebook; Michael Jackson, back at school (VIDEO)/His life & career 

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By Veronica Waters

When did Cobb County father Justin Ross Harris find his son dead in his SUV?  A new arrest warrant from Cobb County Police says Harris went to work last Wednesday morning, having put his son in a rear-facing carseat, after stopping for breakfast.  Around lunchtime, the warrant says, Harris came out to his SUV, opened the door and put something inside, then went back into his office.  Hours later, after 4:00, the 33-year-old pulled into a shopping center parking lot and asked for help with his son.  Cooper Harris, 22 months old, was dead.  CNN reports that the autopsy results on the little boy will be released today.  His father remains jailed without bond on felony murder and child cruelty charges.

Research shows 3-D mammography may detect more cancer.  A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association says women getting 3-D mammograms had 41% more detection of invasive cancers, and 15% fewer follow-ups due to false positives or inconclusive results.  Still, the 3-D technology is more costly than a standard mammogram, and is less likely to be covered by insurance.

It was five years ago that Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died in Los Angeles at the age of 50.  Since his death, the Jackson estate has earned $600 million.  Here's a look at his incredible life and career.

Did you know?  Michael Jackson went back to school...with happy results.

An 18-year-old playing around with a gun suffers a fatal gunshot wound in Riverdale.  Clayton County Police say the teen and his friends were fooling around with the weapon on Clara Drive last night when it went off, hitting him in the chest. 
A new study by CNBC shows Georgia is the #1 place in the nation to do business.  The cable network cites Hartsfield-Jackson and the port in Savannah as big reasons why the state tops this year's list. 

America may start shipping oil overseas.  New technology has led to an oil boom in parts of the U. S.  Now, the Commerce Department has given a pair of Texas companies permission to sell a type of ultra-light oil overseas.   Limited exports could begin in August.  

A Minnesota man is in jail after logging onto Facebook during an alleged burglary.  The victim, James Wood, came home to find evidence of a break-in, several items and money stolen, and a pile of wet clothes near a desk.  Police say the burglar, 26-year-old Nick Wig, checked his Facebook and forgot to log out.  Wood saw the man's profile open on his computer.

Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller says "heads could roll" after two juvenile defendants were left alone in a holding cell over the weekend at the courthouse.  Although the 16- and 17-year-olds did not have food, they could get water from a sink in the cell.  They were there from Friday evening until Monday morning, despite policy that mandates an end-of-day cell check.

A Florida mother is branded a criminal for branding her kids.  Police say 23-year-old Kayla Oxenha  heated a stick with a lighter, then put a burn on her daughters, ages five and seven. She allegedly did it so that she could distinguish them from other kids.

About half of the 300 U. S. military advisers and special operations forces expected to go to Iraq are now in Baghdad to assess Iraqi forces in the fight against Sunni insurgents.  

The political future of one of the Senate's longest serving members was decided in a runoff in Mississippi.  Six-term Republican Thad Cochran was able to hold off Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel.

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Veronica Waters

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