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Posted: 9:08 a.m. Tuesday, July 1, 2014

'Guns everywhere' law now in effect; Beyonce tops Forbes Celeb list 

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Airport prepares for new gun law photo
Jason Getz / AJC
Passengers get into line for the security checkpoint at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Tuesday morning in Atlanta, Ga., April 23, 2013. Nearly a year after the Atlanta airport opened its new international terminal, it is already planning for the next expansion. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport’s master plan study shows the airport will soon need more parking, and will also need more people-mover train capacity inside the terminal, more security screening line space, more gates and more airfield capacity - such as another runway — in the next 20 years.

By Veronica Waters

"Guns everywhere," as of today.  Georgia's new law expanding the public places that licensed carriers can legally go without penalty kicks in July 1.  Now, permit holders will no longer be arrested if they're caught, with a firearm, at a Hartsfield-Jackson Airport security checkpoint--although they could face a civil fine from the TSA.  Someone with a gun at the airport still runs the risk of missing a flight, however; they will be escorted to the Atlanta Police precinct so that officers can run a check on their status.  Some churches will allow congregants to bring weapons inside, and a change to the previous carry law means bars are now automatically included among the places where firearms are allowed.  Bars used to have to opt in to allow guns inside--the way churches do.  

Passions ran high outside the U. S. Supreme Court after justices ruled that some closely-controlled companies can restrict women's health insurance coverage to keep from covering certain types of birth control, if the company owners have religious objections.   Nearly 50 businesses have sued over the contraceptive requirement.  Oklahoma-based Hobby Lobby Inc. and a Pennsylvania furniture maker won their court challenges Monday in which they refused to pay for two emergency contraceptive pills and two intrauterine devices.

The University System of Georgia votes to offer married same-sex couples the same retirement benefits as straight couples.  Still, since gay marriage is illegal in Georgia, same-sex spouses will not be eligible for any other benefits, including health care.

Atlanta is one of the most giving cities in the country. A new study by software supplier Blackbaud ranks us third in online charity. Seattle leads the list of 265 cities, followed by Alexandria, Virginia. 

Beyonce tops this year's Forbes Celebrity 100 list, which compiles the people with the most earnings and fame.  She's followed by LeBron James, and Dr. Dre--who is the highest earner on the list.  Oprah--last year's #1--comes in at #4.  Newcomers on this year's list include Jimmy Fallon; Madonna didn't make the top 100.

General Motors announces yet another recall, mainly because of ignition switch problems. This time, it's affecting more than 8 million older and mid-sized models, including the Pontiac Grand Prix and Chevy Malibu.  

The Pentagon announces that another 300 U. S. troops are being deployed to Iraq, bringing to about 800 the number sent overseas to provide security for Americans and American properties in and around Baghdad. The White House has ruled out sending combat troops, but these forces are armed for self-defense and equipped with helicopters and drones.

The KISS 104 weather forecast:  mostly sunny, hot highs in the low to mid-90s.

Veronica Waters

About Veronica Waters

Veronica Waters is the morning news anchor on KISS 104.1 and B-98.5FM. She is also an anchor and reporter for News/Talk WSB.

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