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Posted: 9:25 a.m. Friday, Jan. 10, 2014

Twin Admits Killing Mother; Deadly Wedgie; Steelers Fan Sues NFL 


Guilty plea from Rockdale twin accused in mother’s death photo
Courtesy of Lynda Whitehead
A photo of the twins before they were charged with killing their mother.

By Veronica Waters

A father and son may be among four suspects wanted for a string of Rite Aid robberies across metro Atlanta. A Gwinnett County Police detective says one robber may be as young as 12; he was heard calling another of the thieves "Dad" during one holdup. A reward of up to $25,000 dollars is being offered for information that leads to the arrests. The stickups, which started back in October, usually involve stealing cash, but the robbing crew has also taken cigars and bottles of Advil PM.

A Rockdale County twin pleads guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the 2010 stabbing and beating death of her own mother. Twenty-year-old Tasmiyah Whitehead gets 30 years in prison. Her sister Jasmiyah has a March trial date. The twins were 16 when they were arrested; police said Nikki Whitehead had been stabbed 50-60 times.

The University of Georgia cracks Kiplinger's Top 10 list of best colleges for the money in 2014. The Athens school jumped five places this year, thanks to factors including improved test scores, a good retention rate, and generous financial aid. Kiplinger says students graduate with less than $20,000 in debt. Georgia Tech is #33.

More than a dozen of America's biggest food companies are helping you count calories. Kraft, Coca-Cola, Campbell's Soup, and Kellogg are among those making good on a promise to cut calories by reworking recipes and portion sizes to help curb obesity. So far the changes equal about 78 fewer calories per person, per day.

A bullying move may be a real killer. An Oklahoma man is charged with murder after he gave his stepdad an "atomic wedgie" during a fight, pulling his underwear over his head. Police say the dad died of suffocation and blunt force trauma.

The power of positive thinking may help a headache. Boston researchers switched up real pain pills with placebos, so migraine sufferers would not know which they were getting, when. They found that the more positive the message about the pill, the more relief the patients got; and when they took a placebo believing it was a real painkiller, they got almost as much help from it a when they believed it was just a sugar pill.

A prison inmate who is a Steelers fan sues the NFL because Pittsburgh didn't make the playoffs. Daniel Spuck claims a blown call cost Kansas City's kicker a second chance at a field goal to beat San Diego, and if the Chiefs had won, the Steelers would've gotten a wild-card berth. Puck wants the playoffs postponed so Kansas City can try that kick again.

Beer to the rescue for an off-duty firefighter in Houston, Texas. Captain Craig Moreau says there was no water to help when a truck caught fire--but he got creative when he found out the truck was hauling beer. He and the driver shook up cans of brew and put out the blaze. No one was hurt.

These thieves wanted weave so much, they cut through the wall of a future Atlanta Police Department precinct to get it. Crooks broke into the Beauty Depot on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive Wednesday, getting away with dozens of packs of $120 weave. They took about $36,000 worth of hair, total.

There will be no City of Stonecrest in DeKalb County--at least, for now. A feasibility study showed the new city would run an annual deficit of $15 million right out of the gate. Stonecrest City Alliance president Jason Lary blames falling property values.

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Veronica Waters

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