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Posted: 9:28 a.m. Monday, Oct. 14, 2013

Kids' Bedtimes Affect Behavior; Using E-Cigs to Smoke Weed 


More than just hot air? Whether e-cigarettes are a good idea remains a question photo
MadVapes store manager Robert Everhart uses an electronic cigarette at MadVapes in Charlotte, North Carolina. Electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity, but concern still lingers nationwide about their safety. e-Cig culture includes “vaping” meet-ups and an array of build-your-own products. (Diedra Laird/Charlotte Observer/MCT)

By Veronica Waters

The government shutdown is in its third week, the U.S. is getting dangerously close to a possible default and Senate Democrats and Republicans remain at odds over spending. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke by phone Sunday but still couldn't agree on a deal to raise the nation's borrowing authority or get the government fully up and running again.

A baby is "found" at home and her parents are in jail. DeKalb Police shut down the Marquis Pointe apartments for about two hours Sunday to search for a baby girl whose parents said was missing after they "stepped out" for a few minutes. As it turns out, an aunt who had found the infant alone with her siblings, ages two and six, had taken the girl out of the apartment to care for her. The parents were arrested and all three of the kids are now in DFCS custody.

A southwest Atlanta mother is afraid she could lose custody of her young son after he was found wandering an apartment complex over the weekend. Three-year-old Marquez Williams was spotted walking around the Stonecreek Apartments on North Camp Creek Parkway around 3:00 Saturday morning. Adrianna Neal says she had left the boy with a friend of her sister's when she left for work. A neighbor found the boy and went door-to-door looking for his family before calling police. The child is with DFCS while they investigate and Neal fears they may not give him back.

In KISS news about your kids' health: if your child constantly acts up could something you're not doing be to blame? Scientists say moms and dads should put children to bed on time, every time. A new British study finds that kids with irregular bedtimes are more at risk of developing behavior problems by the time they turn seven. That could show itself in emotional problems, hyperactivity, or getting into fights with other kids. Researchers say it could be because their body clocks are messed up and that affects how people act day to day.

Atlanta Police hope surveillance video helps track down the suspect who knifed a Family Dollar clerk Sunday. Employees at the store at Cascade Avenue and Beecher Street say a man who'd been banned from the store earlier for shoplifting was back there around 1:30 in the afternoon. When they spotted him trying to steal again, a clerk walked up to him and he stabbed her several times and ran off. She's expected to recover.

Some folks are finding a new use for e-cigarettes--smoking weed. The electronic smokes are supposed to be a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, and now people who like pot are finding a new use for them. When you get cannabis in liquid or wax form, the e-cigarettes don't give off the same marijuana smell as the plant does. Cops think some folks are using them to smoke weed right out in public.

Falcons star wide receiver Julio Jones goes under the knife today, for surgery on his broken foot. That injury put him out for the season. When he got hurt in the loss to the Jets, he was leading the NFL in receptions.

A historic anniversary: it was on this day, October 14, in 1964, that Martin Luther King Jr. was named winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

If you've always wanted tostar in a commercial, Google's giving you your chance. Well, kind of. Starting November 11, Google wants your permission to use your name and face in ads it sells to businesses, ranging from your online reviews of restaurants and products, to songs and stuff you buy from the Google Play store. Those ads could show up when your friends search on Google. Don't want to be a product pitchman? Just opt out.

He made it rain at the strip club--then didn't want to pay the bill. A strip club in Houston is suing a local businessman after they say James Beckman ran up a bill of $320,000 over the summer--spending about $25,000 every time he hit the club. When he got the bill, Beckman called American Express and claimed none of the charges were his. The lawsuit says he's done the same thing at other clubs.

The KISS 104 weather forecast: mostly to partly cloudy skies, with a high in the upper 70s.

Veronica Waters

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