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Sasha The Diva can be heard on Atlanta's R&B Station KISS 104.1. Sasha The Diva, a New York City native, made the transition to Atlanta from Baltimore, Maryland. Prior to joining KISS 104.1 in 2002, Sasha hosted "Midday with Sasha" on Baltimore's Magic 95.9 and was the co-host of the #1 morning show for 5 years. In addition to her daily radio show, Sasha could be seen on TV21 as the host of Café Baltimore.

Sasha did not stop there...she did it again! Sasha is the nation's Diva with her syndicated television show called "Makeover Manor", currently airing on TV-One. Makeover Manor has an audience of 15 million. Sasha knew she wanted to do television and film and has appeared in several movies from "The Gospel" with Boris Kojo, Omar Gooding, Donnie McCurklin and Yolanda Adams where she played herself - a successful radio/television personality to Tyler Perry’s movie “Daddy Little Girls” with Idris Elba and Gabriella Union.   Sasha was also the guest host of UPN's  "Atlanta Tonight" TV Show.  Also, viewers from all over the world have watched the hottest award shows and Sasha has worked The Red Carpet Events for The Grammy’s, BET Award Show to The Oscars.

Full of ambition, Sasha is determined to pound the pavements to reach her listeners any means necessary. "I'm blessed to be healthy, able to work and take care of myself and also help take care of others. That is precisely why it is so important to reach out", says Sasha. She is a prime example of practicing what you preach. The Diva is currently working with many community organizations including working with Young Teen Mothers, Homelessness to Helping the Elderly.

Some little known facts about Sasha:

  •  My all time favorite songs
o    Barbra Streisand                                 "Papa Can You Hear Me'"
o    Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli        " The Prayer"
o    Michael Jackson                                "Anything
  • Favorite place to eat out. I don't like to eat out. I rather stay home and cook something at home
  • If I didn’t have this career I would be the Director of FBI.  I can see myself running the agency, jumping in and out of helicopters and solving major crimes…so exciting!
  • There have been 2 people who have influence me the most and that is my Mother and Father.  They are amazing and have always showed support, unconditional love and also put that foot in my ass.
  • If I could be a Super Hero it would be Wonder Woman because she was strong, intelligent and beautiful!
  • My most embarrassing moment was standing backstage to open for the Isley Brothers show and I was looking awesome dressed in all white so you know I thought I was the S!#$!  I was sick for 2 days with diarrhea and thought I was good and I started coughing like crazy and S!%& in my pants.
  • What I don’t like is a fake person PLEASE keep real.
  • When I go shopping I love to go to the thrift stores, consignment/vintage shops and yard sales.  I’m a thrift store junkie and if I see a yard sale I go crazy!
  • My fantasy man is that hot, sexy, sweetheart “The Rock”. 
  • Yes it's true that I love wearing long eyelashes, Yes it’s true that these are the real color of my eyes.
  • What you didn’t know is I don’t eat seafood (shell fish) from shrimp to crabmeat.  I’m allergic.
  • If I had a chance to meet any person in the world it would be Oprah.


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