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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Celebrating the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Life and Death of Martin Luther King Jr.

He is an iconic figure in the history of African American civil rights. WatchMojo learns more about the life, accomplishments and assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

FBI Letter to MLK Shows Sinister Side of Government Spying

The FBI's threatening letter to the civil rights activist shows government surveillance is nothing new.

Anniversary of MLK assassination

Story of how MLK ad-libbed the 'I Have a Dream' speech

Clarence Jones, the advisor to the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. who co-wrote an early draft of the "I Have A Dream Speech," recounted the story of how King delivered the most famous part of the speech spontaneously.

MLK Day of Service

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - take this opportunity to spend some time with your children to better understand the words and works of such a great man or volunteer for community service.