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Posted: November 18, 2011

Nurse Groper Being Sentenced

By Veronica Waters

ATLANTA, Ga. None —

The nurse convicted of sexually assaulting 19 females who were under anesthesia he gave them will learn his sentence today.

Paul Serdula, 48, was found guilty in April by a Cobb County judge of molesting 17 women as well as two girls under 16 who were undergoing procedures at a local hospital, surgery center, and dental office. A Cobb County Police spokesman said that Serdula had videotaped himself fondling and groping the sedated patients. In his home, hundreds of the tapes were seized.

Now, as he faces 25 years in prison and several possible life sentences, Serdula is listening to victim after victim describe how the assaults impacted their lives.

"I was horrified. I mean, how do you explain what that feels like?" testified one woman, her voice filled with tears. "That's your worst nightmare as a female, to be sexually assaulted."

One man says his wife is in a constant state of anxiety since the discovery of her sexual assault.

Serdula admitted to the facts of the case, but did not plead guilty in case he decides to appeal. He was convicted on 34 charges, including sexual assault of a person in custody, aggravated sodomy, aggravated child molestation, and unlawful surveillance.