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Posted: December 13, 2011

Atlanta among worst for road rage

By Veronica Waters

ATLANTA, Georgia None —

When it comes to road rage, few cities are worse than Atlanta. A new survey ranks the city as the fourth most discourteous in the United States.

The AutoVantage survey questioned 1,000 drivers in each of the nation's 25 largest cities.

"In Washington, DC, four out of every 100 drivers admitted to smashing into somebody on purpose," says Michael Bush, with AutoVantage. "In Atlanta, that number dropped to one out of ever 100."

Bush says Atlanta drivers are more likely to be distracted, and to anger fellow drivers, than in other cities. And, he says, they are finding new ways to be distracted and irritate others.

"If you look at incidents of speaking on their cell phone, or texting or sending an e-mail, eating or drinking, doing hair and makeup, et cetera, those types of behaviors tended to incite really unhappy feelings in the drivers around the sort of perpetrator," said Bush.

Atlanta was also #2 for seeing drivers run red lights on a daily basis, and was #1 for seeing drivers cut into other lanes without any sort of signal.

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