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This is everything: How to make knockoff Tootsie Rolls in your Instant Pot

If you don’t have an Instant Pot yet, you’re seriously missing out. It’s nearly every appliance you use all the time — pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, warming pan — in one.

We love the Instant Pot for its versatility. You can even  cook a whole chicken in one in just 30 minutes! And the benefits don’t stop there; Rare partner profiled a woman who lost 125 pounds and saved $200 a month, thanks to her Instant Pot!

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Still not convinced? What if we told you that you can even make candy in it?

The Instant Pot makes it a breeze to whip up a batch of homemade Tootsie Rolls. Why make your own (as opposed to buying a bag at the grocery store)? This way, you can control exactly what goes in them — no corn syrup here!

You will need:
  • 2 cups chocolate chips (either milk chocolate or semisweet)
  • ½ cup honey
  • ¼ cup heavy cream
  • ½ cup white chocolate chips
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

This recipe takes advantage of the Instant Pot’s slow cook and sauté settings. Find it at

And go get an Instant Pot! You’ll thank yourself for it.

Making the perfect crispy pan pizza at home is easier than you think

Making pizza at home isn’t only fun — it’s also rewarding, not to mention delicious!

A lot of people struggle with getting the crust just right, but that’s important; the perfect crust is what makes your favorite pizza place your favorite pizza place.  So, let’s take all the guesswork out of it with this recipe for the perfect pan pizza! Check the video to get all the visuals!

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Starbucks touts Christmas drink for a limited time

Starbucks is getting into the Christmas spirit with a festive drink just in time for the holidays.

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The chain is offering Christmas Tree Frappuccinos while supplies last, Travel+Leisure reported.

The sweet, minty drinks resemble a Christmas tree with all the trimmings, with green whipped cream and sugar-laden ornaments. The drink has a peppermint and mocha cream base, while the whipped cream is mixed with matcha powder, Travel+Leisure reported.

The drink also contains a caramel drizzle, candied cranberries that serve as ornaments and a strawberry to “top” the tree.

Christmas 2017: How to score airfare deals

Only Santa can take reindeer-powered flights at Christmas; everyone else taking to the skies must rely on plane travel. Whether you're flying home for the holidays or heading on a holiday getaway, Christmas airfare deals are probably high on your wish list.To find Christmas airfare deals, refer to KAYAK's 2017 Holiday Hacker Guide and take advice from travel experts. Here are the top 6 ways to get the best holiday airfare deals. Fly on Christmas Eve. If you wait until Christmas Eve to depart, KAYAK data shows you can score some of the best deals. It's sort of surprising, but Kayak also shows really good deals for those who agree to fly on the big day itself, whether arriving or departing.This year's Guide's "When to Book" section showed median airfares to expect based on anticipated arrival and departure dates for the Christmas holiday. The prices are based on last year’s data. A few of the best median airfares are as follows: $351 departing Dec. 20 and returning Dec. 25$354 departing Dec. 21 and returning Dec. 25$358 departing Dec. 23 and returning Dec. 25$346 departing Dec. 24 and returning Dec. 25$359 departing Dec. 24 and returning Dec. 26$234 departing Dec. 25 and returning Dec. 25$338 departing Dec. 25 and returning Dec. 27$352 departing Dec. 25 and returning Dec. 28 Book your flights before expected price increases. You’ve probably found that airfares fluctuate on different dates each time you fly. A general rule of thumb for Christmas airfare deals is to expect fares to increase 21, 14 and again seven days before departure, according to Google Flights.  

Score a great airfare deal to Nordic countries. KAYAK's list of Wallet-Friendly International Flights had Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Reykjavík at the top. If the cold is cool with you, those great flight prices apply to Christmas airfare deals, too. Plus, late December is a great time to catch holiday festivities in Stockholm or view the northern lights in Oslo. Pick a wallet-friendly North American destination. If you aren't gathering with family for the holidays (intentionally or unintentionally), save some money with one of KAYAK's Top 10 Wallet Friendly North American Flights to a Christmas vacation: Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Calgary or Seattle. Choose a spot that's not trending to spend Christmas or New Year's. Google Flights compared 2016 and 2017 flight searches between June 6 and Sept. 20 and came up with these North American destinations as the top trending for Christmas 2017: Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Lisbon, Bogota, Bangkok, Buenos Aires and Brussels. It may seem counterintuitive, but avoiding those destinations for the Christmas holidays may mean cheaper airfare to the places you do select. If you're flexible with holiday getaway plans, consult the Google Flights Explore Map to find airfare and vacation bargains. Don't save money at the expense of your happy holiday. Some other tactics may be easier on your flight bill, but will put you at higher risk of ruining your holiday, noted the Air Fare Watchdog blog. The travel expert said you could save money on peak holiday travel by taking connecting flights rather than nonstop, "but since winter weather can foul up connections, you're better off splurging for the nonstop."While it's tempting to grab the last seat on an inconvenient flight time closer to the holidays, Air Fare Watchdog also recommended booking early for anyone who won't enjoy the flight at all without their preferred seating. "This is especially true if there are several of you flying together and you don't want to all end up sitting far apart from each other," noted the blog.

7 quotes to jump-start your week

Need a little motivation on Monday morning? We’ve got you covered!

These quotes will make you spring out of bed with a smile on your face.

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Have a great week!

Need some wisdom? These 9 quotes will do the trick

When you need advice, it’s best to get it from people who have experienced your situation.

In other words, the past can be a great teacher.

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These quotes from yesteryear are chock-full of wisdom.

7 quotes to get you through a rough time

Are you going through a rough time? Do you need a little pick-me-up?

These seven famous quotes are designed to inspire you, even in times when things seem hopeless.

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We hope they move and motivate you!

She transforms a cereal box into an adorable bed for her Elf on the Shelf

Bring your kids’ favorite holiday character to life with this adorable craft.

Your kids already love discovering their Elf on the Shelf in fun places . They’ll love when a miniature bed shows up, too.

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All you need is an empty cereal box and some red and white paper. Be careful to note the difference between a cut line and a fold line, which is dotted, on the templates.

Find the pattern and instructions here.

Every item on this epic breakfast sandwich is cooked in a waffle maker

Believe it or not, you can actually cook an entire breakfast sandwich in a waffle maker. Sounds crazy, but you’ll believe it when you see how easy it is.

When you think about it, a waffle maker is like a tiny griddle, so it can actually cook the eggs and bacon, too.

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There are so many upsides to this method: no extra pans, takes only a few minutes, and you get waffles as bread! Well Done shows us how to make it happen!

Apparently, you can make your own protein powder, and no surprise — it’s much cheaper

Protein powder is one of the most expensive things on a dieter’s grocery list. A regular sized container can run anywhere from $20 to $50. Even if you consider just the price per serving, you still may be paying more than the cost of a daily Starbucks.

Taking a little time to make your own will save a ton of cash. And the best part is, it’ll be custom.

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You can adjust your mixture to suit your tastes and dietary restrictions — make it chocolate, vanilla, vegan, or sugar-free. Mix it up even more with flavors like chocolate raspberry and peppermint vanilla. Plus, it’ll be free of all the extra chemicals and preservatives.

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Fit Life Creative shares a plant-based recipe, but you can always substitute something else for the protein source. Try whey, pea, or hemp powders, plus whatever flavor add-ins you want.

You will need:
  • ⅓ cup steel cut oats
  • ⅓ cup milled flax seed
  • ⅓ cup chia seeds
  • ⅓ cup red quinoa
  • 2 tsp cinnamon

Watch to find out exactly how to make your own protein powder.

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