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Black Friday 2017: 10 stores offering biggest Black Friday discounts this year

Are you ready for the biggest shopping day of the year?

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This Black Friday on Nov. 24, retailers are bringing out some major door-buster deals.

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Personal finance site WalletHub surveyed nearly 10,000 deals from the 35 biggest U.S. retailers’ Black Friday ad scans to identify stores offering the deepest cuts in a variety of product categories, including apparel/accessories, electronics and computers/phones.

Here are the 10 stores offering the biggest discounts overall and their average discount percentage:

Kohl’s (66.3 percent)

JCPenney (66.3 percent)

Belk (62.8 percent)

Stage (60.8 percent)

Shopko (55.9 percent)

Bealls Florida (52.8 percent)

Sears (50.1 percent)

Macy’s (45.6 percent)

Fred Meyer (43. 9 percent)

Army and Air Force Exchange Service (37.3 percent)

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To find out how much of a discount other popular stores are offering this Black Friday, visit

The best retailers for each product category, based on Black Friday discounts:

Apparel and accessories

  1. Shopko
  2. Stage
  3. JCPenney
  4. Sears
  5. Belk

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Computers and phones

  1. Stage
  2. Shopko
  3. JCPenney
  4. Guitar Center
  5. Dollar General

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Consumer electronics

  1. Stage
  2. Belk
  3. True Value
  4. Shopko
  5. Fred Meyer

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Consumer packaged goods

  1. JCPenney
  2. Bealls Florida
  3. Office Depot and OfficeMax
  4. Stage
  5. Belk

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  1. Stage
  2. Belk
  3. Shopko
  4. Kohl’s
  5. JCPenney

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  1. Shopko
  2. Bealls Florida
  3. Belk
  4. Stage
  5. Fred Meyer

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  1. Fred Meyer
  2. Shopko
  3. Kohl’s
  4. BJ’s
  5. Bealls Florida

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  1. Walmart
  2. Target
  3. Kmart
  4. Best Buy
  5. Amazon

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Video games

  1. Walmart
  2. Target
  3. Best Buy
  4. Fred Meyer
  5. Shopko

Read more about the report and its methodology at

It’s that time of the year — the best makeup deals are here

If you don’t want to treat yourself to food this Christmas, stock up on these makeup deals instead.

The holiday season is one of the best times to buy makeup for yourself or as a gift. Many brands sell limited-edition holiday gift sets, which are great because they’re easy to pick up and wrap, but the real deal is the value. Some of the sets would cost twice what they’re charging if you bought the pieces separately.

Watch the video

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These sets are a great way to try new products from your favorite brands with less risk.

Beauty vlogger Tati shares which sets have the best products. She swatches everything so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. And who better to find the best products for the best price than a beauty guru?

Massachusetts researchers make major discovery about IBS, fibromyalgia

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have made a groundbreaking discovery that could ease symptoms for millions of people suffering from conditions such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome.

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Dr. Anne Louise Oaklander said a good proportion of patients diagnosed with those health issues may actually have a disease called small fiber polyneuropathy, or SFPN.

This is a disorder in which nerve cells found under the skin are attacked by the body's immune system.

The resulting damage can cause numerous symptoms, including gastrointestinal discomfort and feeling like the skin is on fire. 

“The problem is their skin looks perfectly normal, and there's no evidence that anything's wrong,” Oaklander said.

Along with others, Oaklander recently published a study in which they found that drugs called immunomodulators can be effectively used to treat SFPN, though these drugs may not work in every patient because every presentation of the disorder is different.

She said patients who learn they have SFPN often feel liberated.

“It's pretty routine that I have patients who break down and cry when they get an answer for the first time to something that's been disabling them for years or decades,” Oaklander said.

One of those patients is MaryEllen Talbot, who had initially been diagnosed with fibromyalgia before learning she actually has SFPN.

“This diagnosis is from a biopsy, so it's not subjective, it's objective. It's something they see on the lab,” she said.

Talbot isn’t alone. Because of the varying symptoms from case to case, Oaklander said the number of people with SFPN could be huge.

“Maybe it's tens of millions of people around the world who have it, maybe it's hundreds of millions of people, but either way this is not a rare disease,” she said.

These tech deals are the best you’ll find this Black Friday

Black Friday is obviously a great time to buy gifts, but it’s also a good time to pick up some stuff for yourself. If you’ve been eyeing a new TV or laptop, look out for great deals this holiday season.

Shopping on Black Friday can be overwhelming, so it’s best to do research before you hit the stores. YouTuber Paul Bradford has studied the ads and shares the 25 best tech deals out there this year.

Watch the video

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TVs are always a hit, and this year, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart all have good deals on 55-inch 4K TVs, but the brands vary.

Playstation and Xbox are the best prices at a place you wouldn’t guess: Kohl’s. The price is similar to Walmart and Target, but at Kohl’s, you’ll get either a $60 or $45 gift card, depending on the system. There are also great prices on external hard drives, TV casting devices, and video games.

Watch to find out about all the best deals. Happy shopping!

5-year-old genius Anson Wong shows you how to inflate a balloon with baking soda and vinegar

Anson Wong, boy genius, loves conducting fun experiments at home and showing you how to try them on your own.

In Anson’s latest experiment, he shows us how to inflate a balloon using just some baking soda, vinegar and a water bottle.

Watch the video

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This fun experiment shows how gas is often produced during chemical reactions. The gas produced when baking soda and vinegar are combined inflate the balloon.

Here’s what you’ll need for this experiment:

  1. 1 balloon
  2. 1 plastic water bottler
  3. 1 funnel
  4. 2 tablespoons baking powder
  5. 4 ounces vinegar

Here’s what you’ll need to do to conduct this experiment. It helps to have an adult around to supervise and help with some of the tricky parts of this experiment:

  1. Using a funnel, add 4 ounces of vinegar to a plastic water bottle
  2. Use the same funnel to add 2 tablespoons of baking soda into the balloon
  3. Carefully stretch the opening of the balloon over the opening of the water bottle
  4. When the balloon is fit over the bottle, hold the top of the balloon upright so the baking soda falls into the vinegar
  5. Watch the chemical reaction happen and inflate your balloon!

So what exactly is happening inside the water bottle to produce all those bubbles?

It helps to start with a basic explanation of chemical reactions. Everything around us is made up of molecules, including vinegar and baking soda.

Vinegar, also known as acetic acid and water, is acidic. While baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is a base.

Acids and bases partially break down into new substances when they come in contact each other in a process called neutralization. In the case of vinegar and baking soda, the new substances formed are water, a type of salt and carbon dioxide.

In the experiment above, the balloon inflates because of all the carbon dioxide that is released in the reaction.

After the only substances left behind after the reaction are known as neutral substances. They are neither acids nor bases.

The chemical formula for combining vinegar and baking soda is:

NaHCO3(aq) + HC2H3O2(aq) → NaC2H3O2(aq) + H2O(l) + CO2(g)

Anson’s Answers features a 5-year-old genius. He has a college-level grasp on various areas of science, dreams of becoming the president and can speak multiple languages. Did you catch that he’s just 5 years old? Anson has a passion for teaching others and loves to share videos explaining the human body, the laws of physics and his ideas for the future. Grab a seat, because Professor Anson’s class is in session!

Stay in touch with Anson by following him on Facebook! 

We found a new grocery store where everything is only $3 and all organic, but there’s one catch

Our dollar store obsession continues: we’ve found a grocery store where everything is $3. And it’s all organic, so that’s even better.

The only catch: the store is online.

Watch the video

It’s called Brandless, and they sell packaged food and other household basics. Everything is shipped in two days, which, depending on what you think of online shopping, could be a plus or a minus.

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On one hand, the idea of waiting two days for groceries can be a foreign concept, but on the other hand, they bring everything to your door, which sounds pretty great.

Everything in the shop is $3 or 2 for $3. Sounds like a great deal for organic products, but it never hurts to do a little comparison shopping. Some things are definitely a score, while other things might be a little more expensive than your local store. And then there’s the question of taste.

Watch to see what YouTuber This Crazy Life thought of her first shipment.

Black Friday 2017: What to buy, what to avoid

On Black Friday, you’ll want to know which items to stand in line for, and which items to buy after the holiday season has passed. You can end up saving a lot of money (and time) by shopping smart as you weave your way through the crowds or shop online.What to buy on Black Friday:Home appliances  They may not be the sexiest of gifts, but small and large home appliances often are priced to sell on Black Friday. From electric mixers and coffeemakers to refrigerators and dishwashers, says it’s worth checking out the deals on these items on Black Friday.Televisions (basic models): While some analysts say January, leading up to the Super Bowl, is the best time to find a television at a good price, there are still plenty of TV deals on Black Friday. Keep in mind that lower-end models tend to be priced the most competitively, making Black Friday the perfect time to pick up a television for a second bedroom or the kids’ room. If you are looking for a high-end television, it’s better to wait until after Black Friday.Mainstream laptops and tablets: Shoppers will find many basic laptop models at bargain-basement prices on Black Friday. Power users looking for good deals on high-end laptops should wait until after Black Friday.The same logic applies to tablets. There will be plenty of Black Friday doorbusters featuring basic tablet models; just don’t expect steep discounts on iPads.Gaming system bundles: Nerdwallet says gaming system bundles should receive good discounts on Black Friday. In years past, gaming system bundles have been priced up to $50 off the regular price on Black Friday. What not to buy on Black Friday:Furniture: The furniture sales cycle resets in the summer, so if you wait until Black Friday, you won’t be getting the best deals, according to The Street. And while buying outdoor furniture in winter might seem like a wise plan, retail experts say most of that merchandise has been removed from the floor to make room for holiday items by Black Friday, so you won’t find great deals on the remaining products. Toys: Unless your child is hoping for one of this year’s hottest toys, it’s actually better to wait until Cyber Monday or early December to shop for toys, according to The toy that is priced up to half-off on Black Friday may end up being priced up to 75 percent off if you wait.Winter clothes: Avoid spending your shopping money on winter clothing during Black Friday, because it generally sells at a much deeper discount soon after the holiday season ends. Workout equipment: You might think that the best time to purchase workout equipment is during Black Friday, but the biggest deals on fitness equipment actually take place right after the turn of the new year.Tools: You can still get your husband that tool set he’s been wanting for Christmas, just wait to purchase it until December, when tools and equipment sell for the largest discounts.Gift cards: There are rarely good deals on gift card purchases on Black Friday. The Street says this is because gift cards are the gift choice of procrastinators, so wait until just before Christmas to score better deals. Holiday decor: Although you might want to buy a few special ornaments or decorations for your house on Black Friday, plan ahead by purchasing next year’s décor right after Christmas, when seasonal items are sold at clearance prices.

Arnold vs. Arnold Aaron Paxton Arnold & Carnival CEO, Arnold Donald go one-on-one

By Aaron Paxton Arnold

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to interview Chief Executive Officer of Carnival Corporation, Arnold Donald. In July 2013, he replaced Micky Arison (now owner of The Miami Heat) and since, has made an historic imprint on not only the Carnival Brand (s) but also the travel industry.

I called Arnold at 9:30am EST. I didn’t know he was on the West Coast and despite it being super early, he was humble, gracious, energetic…all the qualities that seemingly make him a great leader and Carnival Corporation profitable.

In addition to us getting a laugh that we share the same name “Arnold”, the fortune 500 CEO was very humble as we discussed: diversity, his personal Journey, Carnival Corp, technology, leadership. See our Q&A below. 

Me: Well to break the ice Mr. Donald…I assume that you’re a Saints Fan. I live in Atlanta (ATL), where there is a bitter rivalry between New Orleans and Atlanta. Your city has a super bowl and ATL does not…how does that make you feel? Lol

Arnold: “Die-hard, Die-hard Saints Fan” “The Dirty Birds are an intense rival but it’s all fun.”

Me: How do you balance work and family?

Arnold: Everyone works differently… I grew up as an operator (professionally) but I made sure I was at the big events for my kids; however, I’d be misrepresenting if I thought I had found the balance…I have a great relationship with my kids. It’s a constant struggle but you have to find your own personal balance and the balance that works for you and your family. Now at this stage in my life I have grandkids and because we’re (Carnival) in the vacation business and it’s 24-7, I find time (to integrate) work with my wife and family. You have to find your own rhythm and what works for you…it’s different for every family.

Me: My paternal grandfather, I don’t think, made it out of H.S. or if he did that’s where it stopped, yet he was brilliant. Built a house from top to bottom including plumbing, electrical etc. He made sure my aunt and Dad went to college…how did your folks ensure that you received an education?

Arnold: My parents are like your grandfather. Built the home from scratch: the plumbing, the wiring. Very smart guy…served in WWII. But he grew up in rural Louisiana but the school for Blacks only went to 8th grade but he valued education. My mom similar, she only went to 8th or 9th grade but later became a teacher. They were just studious and really valued education. They knew that (education) was the portal to prosperity -- I actually have that engraved over a fire place in one of my homes; it (education)is about the fullness of life not just financial well-being.

Me: A lot of people dream of buying their parents a house etc., however, you were able to dedicate the technology wing of St. Aug (St. Augustine in New Orleans), in your parents name. What does that accomplishment feel like?

Arnold: LOL…right. That was a really significant moment for me. Of course my wife had to approve the decision. I was able to do it while they were alive and enjoy the recognition. It was very rewarding knowing that we were contributing to ongoing education for young people whose lives would be transformed.

ME: I have always said that it’s not that easy but it’s not that hard either when it comes to pursuing your goals. I saw you say in an interview “it’s not that easy but it is that simple” … explain?

Arnold: It’s not always easy because there are so many things pulling at you. So many obstacles that you can find in your way. And that's why it’s not easy. But it's simple as you said. You need to stay focused and not be distracted and find your passion. If you find your passion, you need to pursue it. If you stay on course then all the obstacles, all the distractions…you will manage through them and manage through them with a smile because you're pursuing your passion. If you’re not pursuing your passion, then all of those obstacles become downers.

It's really important that you have a passion (for it) because no matter what you do there will always be tough challenges, sometimes negative things to go with it. If you’re not pursuing your passion and something you are not committed to…those obstacles become downers. If you’re really committed to it, those (negative) things you will rise above.

Me: Diversity is often a term thrown around casually and a lot of people think it’s about having this African American person here or this woman there. I believe diversity is truly about inclusion…what’s your definition of diversity?

Arnold: My definition is inclusion that powers innovation. In a capitalistic society, communities thrive when businesses thrive. Businesses thrive over time and sustain themselves through innovation. Innovation is diversity of thinking and you have a much greater probability of engineering diversity of thinking if you have people who are diverse and include them in the process. Diversity to me is a business imperative.

Me: You grew up in an era where integration was a new and by many…unwelcomed idea. I’ve grown up in an era where I’ve only known integration yet diversity in the work place for women and people of color is still not where it needs to be. With that being said, what is your goal/mandate when it comes to diversity?

A: We are 10 very powerful brands of the Carnival Brand. But what we’re really about is bringing people together. Internally within our company…diversity is a leadership imperative.

Every day we are a diversity inclusion machine. If you look at our leadership team…we are diverse. (At the top) we have a member who doesn't have a college degree (the son of our founder); we have four women; we have a member of the LBGT community; we have an African American. That’s what diversity brings and it’s really important that we have that and it’s purposefully engineered because I know what it does for the business and our results tell the story.

We have more than doubled our earnings in the last four years. A lot of that is driven by the talent of our employees which is extremely diverse.

Me: I have a 15-year-old daughter and I hope in ten years when she is 25 that she receives the same opportunity that men do and the pay scale is fair as it compares to men vs. women. In the Carnival Corporation organization…you have several high level positions that are held by women including Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy. What does this say about the culture of Carnival Corporation?

Arnold: To me you are talking about talent. And talent … you need to attract it, retain it, motivate it and reward it. But the reality is they (women) expect to get paid and they should. And we do. To me it’s not that complicated.  

Me: Now to the fun stuff…help me dispel myths about traveling on a cruise. I was one of those people that was apprehensive about being on a ship and not being able to get off. Call it ignorance. However, after two Carnival Cruise experiences in 2013 and 2016, I reached out to Roger (The CMO) because the experience was so amazing. Can you help me dispel any myths about the cruise experience that you’ve heard?

Arnold: ha, ha…well lets address the one on being ‘trapped on a ship’. (Our) Cruises are the one destination that can take you everywhere. You’re at a different port every day or every other day where you can experience different cultures, food, activities at those ports (i.e., Golfing).

Second thing is, the ships themselves are large floating cities now, so you are not confined. You have many private-dining options.

The incidents on cruise ships (of sickness are) are .007 percent, which means you have a far less probability of being sick (contracting a virus) on a cruise than being on land.

But all one has to do is talk to a friend or loved one who has cruised because they’ll tell you it’s one of the best experiences and vacation values.

ME: Carnival Corporation Introduces Game-Changing Guest Experience at CES and Unveiled the Highly Personalized Concierge Services through Ocean Medallion. I’ve read the press release on it but to my listeners in Atlanta on Kiss104.1FM…in your own words, what does this mean to them?

Arnold: In laymen’s terms…The Ocean Medallion Platform allows our crew to give you individualized, personalized service that has yet to be unseen. It powers our crew where you feel that the entire trip is designed for you. So, if you walk into a bar on the ship they know your favorite drink and the last drink you ordered on the other side of the ship. It also empowers our crew to deliver the best service…happy crew, happy guest.

ME: What APPs do you use via your cell phone?

Arnold: LOL…not too many but I check the weather app, the financial app, uber, lyft and then I play ‘word warp’ when my mind is idle, which isn’t too often. I probably use apps for reading news publications. Oh I know…Direct TV, HBO, AMC…I like movies. That was good…never thought about it.

ME: One of my favorite books is from “Good to Great” by Jim Collins and in it he (Jim Collins) talks about most people are content with good but very few people are willing to risk all that is good so one can have a chance at being great. As a leader, how do you inspire your employees to be great?

Arnold: I think first-of-all that my employees are great and I just have to help them realize that. I had to get them to reflect amongst each other (what success is). The more I asked them to do this, the more they began to realize what their aspirations were and the more confidence they gained to pursue those aspirations. In the end, it’s better to fail doing something great than to succeed doing things that don’t matter.

ME: You became the first travel industry CEO to deliver the opening keynote address at CES (Consumer Electronic Show)? Was this one of your crowing achievements as a leader?

Arnold: Lol. No, we (Carnival) do a lot of firsts, and it was a great opportunity for us to launch the new travel experience. The crowning achievement is having our 120,000 employees realize their dreams and aspirations. Having our guests feel like their expectations were exceeded and life long memories. The communities we touch locally and globally that we represent supporting so many small and large businesses so that community can survive.

Me: What has been your most humbling moment as CEO of Carnival Corp?

Arnold: Humbled everyday by the passion and the appreciation and the support that we get, that I get. I am humbled that Mickey Arison and the board chose me (as CEO). Me: Thank you for your time and continue to inspire…

Aaron Paxton Arnold is a keynote speaker, media contributor and founder of MusicIsMyBusiness. He’s written for and/or appeared in Forbes, Inc., CNN, MSNBC, Fast Company and serves as the Lifestyle, Entertainment, Correspondent for Kiss104.1FM in Atlanta. In 2012, he was also one of 125 top alumni in the 125-year history of Florida A&M University.

The Arnold vs. Arnold Aaron Paxton Arnold & Carnival CEO, Arnold Donald go one-on-one post appeared first on

Can’t seem to lose weight? You may have this special gene

Are you envious of your friends who seem to eat whatever they want without gaining a pound, while a single slice of pizza causes you to gain several? Genetics may be related to the difference, according to a new report. 

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Researchers from Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recently conducted an experiment, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, to target mutations in a gene called ankyrin-B, which is associated with weight gain among heavier people. 

To do so, they engineered mice that had human variants of ankyrin-B. They found the mice grew quicker and faster than mice without the gene, even when getting the same amount of exercise and nutrition. 

"We call it fault-free obesity," senior author Vann Bennett said in a statement. "We believe this gene might have helped our ancestors store energy in times of famine. In current times, where food is plentiful, ankyrin-B variants could be fueling the obesity epidemic."

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Why is that?

They discovered these rodents stored calories in fat tissues as opposed to the other tissues that burn the calories and use them as energy. This causes the glucose to produce even more fat, which is unusual. Normally, a special membrane works as a door to keep the glucose from spreading to other cells, but the mutation keeps the “flood gates opened.”

"We found that mice can become obese without eating more, and that there is an underlying cellular mechanism to explain that weight gain," Bennett said. "This gene could enable us to identify at-risk individuals who should watch what kind of calories they eat and exercise more in order to keep their body weight under control."

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For future studies, researchers hope to identify humans with the gene to determine how it could affect other variants of health. 

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