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‘Love & Hop Hop: Atlanta’ donate money to high school seniors [Photos]

ATLANTA, GA – JUNE 13: Rasheeda, Mimi Faust, Egypt, Mama Dee, K.Michelle, Erica Dixon, Karlie Redd, Joseline Hernandez and Mona Scott attends the VH1 “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” premiere party at Frank Ski’s Restaurant on June 13, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/FilmMagic) TMZ reported that the cast of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ decided to help high school seniors from Columbia High School in Decatur, Georgia by paying for their graduation tabs. More on the story on New episodes of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Mondays + 8/7c on VH1

New study says country music mentions drugs more than any other genre

According to a recent study by, country music mentions drugs more than any other musical genre, with the most-referenced drug being marijuana.

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Those results may come as a shock to some listeners who assumed that rap or hip-hop music might reference drugs more, but 1.6 percent of all country music surveyed by’s Song Meanings Application Programming Interface (API) references drugs on average, compared to less than 1.3 percent on average in hip-hop music.

Jazz music came in second place, although the study does not disclose the average percentage.

But what constitutes a drug reference? And what counts as “country” music for For starters, alcoholic beverages are not classified as drugs in the study (or else, country music would win this by a landslide). According to the methodology of the study, “scraped song lyrics from Song Meanings API and analyzed drug mentions, what drugs were involved, and how it changed over time, and grouped drug slang words together in their respected drug categories.”

After going over the data from songs from country, rock, jazz, rap/hip-hop, pop, folk and electronic genres from 1933 until now, the drug references were grouped into seven categories: 

Pills (which includes all Opiates except Heroin, Benzodiazepines, Sleep medication, and ADHD medication), Heroin, Marijuana, LSD, Cocaine (which includes both crack cocaine and cocaine), Ecstasy (This includes MDMA and molly), and Meth.

After all that, country music came out on top, with 1.6 percent of all songs studied since 1933 referencing some sort of drug. According to the study, the top three drugs referenced in country music were marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine. 

It should be noted that most country songs decry drug consumption (with the exception of alcohol, and, very recently, marijuana). No country artists were mentioned in the study, but artists like Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Old Crow Medicine Show, Jamey Johnson, John Prine and many others have referenced marijuana, pills, cocaine or heroin in their songs as hazardous and not recreational.

However, once the study results are broken down into the musicians that reference drugs the most, country artists don’t even crack the Top 10. That honor goes to all hip-hop artists, most notably Kottonmouth Kings, Eminem, The Game, Lil’ Wayne and Jay-Z.

If you want to see just how many country music songs reference drugs, take a listen to the playlist below (though we would never condone the use of recreational drugs).

Glenn Jacobs, WWE star 'Kane,' officially announces his bid for mayor

When Glenn Jacobs' treasurer filed the necessary paperwork for a potential political campaign last month, it became national news that the World Wrestling Entertainment star known as “Kane” might run for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

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On Tuesday, Jacobs made it official. Speaking to a crowd at Sweet P’s Barbecue and Soul House, the pro wrestler announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for mayor.

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“As Knox County mayor I promise to keep taxes low and make Knox County a place everyone can be proud of,” Jacobs promised. “I see my role as that of a facilitator among the different communities in our area. And also I think that Mayor (Tim) Burchett has done a very good job with transparency in government and I would continue along those lines.”

The 2018 election for Knox County mayor will be for an open seat to replace Burchett.

Jacobs focused on the themes of jobs, education and smaller government, repeating a version of Ronald Reagan’s conservative mantra that “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

Glenn Jacobs announcing his bid for mayor

The WWE star told Rare on Tuesday that his belief in free markets and individual liberty were part of what interested him in becoming involved in politics, and he saw his Republican brand as being similar to that of libertarians like Sen. Rand Paul, Reps. Justin Amash and Thomas Massie, and also his own congressman, Rep. Jimmy Duncan.

Jacobs has lived in Knox County for over two decades, roughly the same amount of time his “Kane” character has endured as one of the top stars in the pro wrestling industry.

“For the past 22 years I’ve had the pleasure of living here in East Tennessee,” Jacobs said Tuesday. “Because my career with the WWE has taken me all around the world on a weekly basis, me family and I could live pretty much anywhere in the U.S.”

“We live here because we want to,” Jacobs said to applause. “We live here because we love it here.”

Jacobs and his wife Crystal own an insurance agency in the Knoxville area.

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At least two other challengers for mayor are expected to run, including County Commissioner Bob Thomas, who has already announced, and Knox County Sheriff Jimmy Jones.

Though Jacobs wrestled under other monikers prior for a number of years, his “Kane” character was introduced to WWE fans in 1997.

Disclosure: Glenn Jacobs is a Rare contributor.

Heart Disease: It’s All About Women

The startling figures could make your heart stop.  More women die from heart disease than men.  Every minute a woman in the U.S. dies from cardiovascular disease.  And while breast cancer is a killer, heart disease kills more women than all the cancers combined. February is Heart Month. Women and the people who love them need to pay attention and  become educated about heart disease that can start in childhood.  It is an equal opportunity killer.  To learn about risk factors and prevention go to Everyone in this picture has been affected by heart disease?  But can you pick the one who has heart disease and was saved by a device she wears constantly? From the right:  Dr. Tara Hrobowski, Monica Pearson, Joy Holmes, Diane Gatchalian, Marie Marsden. To get involved in the movement, wear red on National Wear Red Day on February 3;  go to Macy’s and buy a red dress pin and receive a discount from February 1-6; visit Haverty’s near Perimeter Mall anytime between February 2-9 (I’ll be there on the 7th at 2 p.m.) and take a picture on the Red Couch and share on social media; attend or sponsor a table at the Atlanta Go Red for Women Luncheon and Wellness Expo February 10 at the Georgia Aquarium, where there will be free health screenings.  All the money raised from the luncheon goes to research and programs that prevent and treat heart disease in Atlanta.  Women have very different symptoms from men when it comes to cardiovascular disease. Now to answer the question;  which woman in the picture has heart disease? It is Mrs. Marsden, far left in the picture.  She was diagnosed with post-partum dilated cardiomyopathy, induced by pregnancy, four months after the birth of her son, 14 years ago.  She wears an implantable defibrillator and was saved by something else she wears, called a LVAD, when driving her son to school on I-75 last year.  Hear her amazing story by listening to the podcast of my show on heart disease.  It will be up Tuesday at          
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